Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Day of Darkness

I really hope that since Daylights Savings Time is over, this will be the last post of photos taken in the dark!  I didn't want to do a damp, curly hair post as well as dark of night, so I pulled up my hair.

I am Wearing:

Top: St. Tropez West
Camisole: Nordstrom Rack
Cardigan: Halogen
Slacks: Editor Pants by Express
Shoes: Giorgio Armani
Necklace: Monet
Earrings: Old
Bracelet: Old Navy

Once I was editing, I realized that I've pretty much worn this entire outfit before in the same color scheme with the same pants here. I changed everything other than the pants and yet it still looks the same!  With that in mind, I decided to not spend too much time today discussing the clothes since I've worn all the items other than the shoes before.

These burgundy shoes are by Giorgio Armani and I love, love the design.  The heel height is perfect for work and the crisscrossing of the leather straps gives a different twist to the classic slingbacks.  Not to mention the gorgeous color.  Have a terrific Tuesday!

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