Friday, November 4, 2011

Definitely Casual Friday

There are only two items in this outfit that I hadn’t already worn.  The jellies and the thrifted bracelet.
I am Wearing:
Top: Grace
Camisole: American Eagle Outfitters
Skirt: Lapis
Jellies: Burberry
Handbag: Prada
Necklace: Purchased in India
Earrings: Thrifted
Bracelets: Thrifted and DIY via Honestly…WTF?
I love this photo…there was another one where you can see my wedding rings, but the focus was a tad off. The DIY bracelet is definitely one of my favorites and there is nothing I love better than being able to tell people, “Oh this? I made it!”  I get the warm fuzzies every time that someone gushes how unique it is.  The other one is a cool find from a thrift store.

The maxi skirt is great for the indecisive weather we are having and I paired it with these Burberry jellies that I bought this summer for a trip to Cabo.  I ended up forgetting to take them and destroyed a new pair of leather sandals with the sand on the beach instead.  I really like them and I am not normally a fan of jellies or thong sandals, but these are very comfortable and don’t hurt my feet the way most flat thong sandals do within minutes of putting them on.
I’ve worn both the earrings and necklace before, but again, I need to figure out a way to mix more of my jewelry in.  Not to mention, that I probably need to retire this Grace top…I wish I didn’t love it so much.

Happy Friday!

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