Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Military Spring

I volunteered to help a friend with a local event here in town last Sunday.  It was going to be an afternoon event and I wanted to look cute, but I knew I was helping out so I also needed to be comfortable. I bought this dress last year to wear to dinner for our wedding anniversary and then also wore it to a garden party. I really like this dress, but I can't help but feel that it really isn't as dressy as I thought it was late last summer.  When I pulled it out for this event, I almost put it back, but then realized that it was perfect for my friend's event. The dress is comfortable and makes me look a little more formal, but it is casual enough that I am not overdressed. Since it is still cool, I paired it with my military green safari jacket and these green satin flats that have been in my closet for a couple of years now.  I quickly pulled my hair back so it wouldn't be getting in my way and grabbed my tote to head out the door.

I Am Wearing:

Dress: J. Crew (option)

Jacket: J. Crew c/o Nordstrom (Splurge | Steal)

Earrings: Costume Pearl Studs (similar)

Tote: Banana Republic (Splurge | Steal)

Flats: Splendid (similar)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekend in Yosemite

Our son visited us for his Spring Break last weekend and we took a quick overnight trip up to Yosemite because we heard a rumor there was still snow up there.  We had only been up there during a Spring Break a few years ago and we barely caught any snow back then.  Needless to say we were excited about the prospect of going back.  We spent the weekend wandering around, hiking around the valley and then made a quick trip back to Badger Pass to see the skiers enjoying themselves.

I decided to make packing for the quick trip very simple and stuck to neutral creams, greys, and black colors.  I made a last minute decision to wear the Uggs I ruined last month since I knew I was going to be wandering around the cold up there and I brought my Sorel boots to wander around in the snow.  It worked out really well as I didn't have to worry about what to wear while we were there and everything went with each other.  I bought this cape scarf last Christmas as a gift because I love mine (seen here and here) but the recipient confided that she didn't really have a use for it and gave it back to me.  Since I loved the blue plaid one so much, I decided to keep this one and I am glad I did because I still wear both on a regular basis.

Yosemite was wonderful and it was such a great opportunity for our family to spend time together.  We went back to a couple of our favorite eateries and walked and walked and walked around together. We finished the trip with a snowball fight that I was spared because I was holding my SLR most of the time.

I Am Wearing:

One: c/o Angela Mara Tank | Banana Republic Cardigan | Lou & Grey Leggings | Ugg Boots

Two: J. Crew Sweater & Hat | Hue Fleece Leggings | c/o Sorel Boots | Balenciaga Sunnies

Both Days: J. Crew Cape Scarf | Bauble Bar Necklace | Macy's Earrings | Coach Crossbody

Everday Jewelry: Custom Garnet Ring (similar) | Cartier Ring | Apple Watch

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Party Wrap

One of my favorite aspects of our life in Dallas was our robust charity work.  Giving back is important to me personally because growing up without privilege and funds shaped much of who I am. I remember very vividly the many things that others contributed to me and my family when I was young.  However, I've always felt a bit odd because I frequently feel that I get so much more out of our charity work than what we contribute.  Our annual charity ball is definitely a highlight of each year and the friendships we have made over the years have contributed to a full social calendar for us.

When we moved here two years ago, it was an aspect I missed almost immediately.  We went from monthly fundraising happy hours and other social events, to private date nights.  While those are fun, I know my husband and I both really enjoy giving back. It took me a little while, but I think I found a wonderful group to contribute our time and money to here in the Bay Area.  Last week, we attended a donor event to hear a bit about the work our volunteers and advocated do for children in our community.  The event started after work and it was dark by the time we left and took my pictures, so I apologize for the blurry pics, but it was the best I could do!  I wore this wrap dress which was also my first DvF wrap and a sentimental favorite.  I had worn it to work with a blazer over it and low pumps, but ditched the blazer and changed into heels for the event after work.  It was perfect for the not quite cocktail, but a step above business dress code.

I Am Wearing:

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg

Earrings: Costume Pearl Studs (similar)

Necklace: Carolee (mine is old, current option)

Handbag: Balenciaga (current) (exact)

Shoes: Brian Atwood (Splurge | Steal)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Finally A Spring in our Step!

After all the rain of the last few months, we are finally seeing signs of Spring around town! And it couldn't come at a better time. Our oldest son was in town last week for his Spring Break and we spent a few days in town before heading up to Yosemite for a few days without cell phone or wifi service.  Before we left, I ran errands, paid bills, did some shopping and generally made a nuisance of myself around around town.  After a couple of years here, I joined a local charity organization this year and I am looking forward to contributing to that group in a significant way as the year progresses.  In the meantime, here is what I wore to work and around town last week.

I Am Wearing:

Top: Banana Republic

Cardigan: Tory Burch (similar)

Necklace: Dogeared Jewelry

Skirt: Banana Republic (current)

Purse: Tory Burch

Shoes: Prada (current)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Staying Neutral

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I used to be constantly draped in green in previous years, but now that we haven't really found a raucous party here in California we are keeping it low key. In fact, my husband and I are both sporting our alma mater colors as we kick off the NCAA Tournament and both of our schools are in this year!  That said, I stuck to neutral colors the last few days. Earlier this week, my mood was completely awful and I wore all black to reflect that. I had to go out to a doctor's appointment and kept it all neutral in hopes of good news.  After my appointment, my husband and I stopped for lunch and he tried to counter my black mood. I don't know that anything will work, but our son just arrived for a quick visit so hopefully, that will lift all of us out of our funk.

I Am Wearing:

Tank: DKNY (current)
Sweater: Zara (similar)
Trousers: Balenciaga (current)
Clutch: Jason Wu for Target (super cute option under $15)
Wedges: J. Crew
Jewelry: Apple Watch | Tiffany & Co Bracelet | Cartier Trinity Ring

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wildly Springing Forward

Did everyone else drag through the day yesterday or was that just me? I was so thrilled to be able to still go outside in the daylight at 7PM that I completely forgot about waking up a whole hour early Monday.  Fortunately, that just means that our gorgeous weather is back and I can wear whatever I want again. So what did I choose? Chambray and Leopard of course! And you can't tell from these pics, but the best part of my dress is the pockets, of course!  Trust me, I made everyone who complimented me sorry they did because I told each of them about the pockets.

I Am Wearing:

Dress: Beach Lunch Lounge (on sale!)

Scarf: Zara (similar)

Bag: Sam Edelman (option)

Shoes: Renvy (Splurge | Steal)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wrapping Up the Local Sales

I joined a friend in a Less is More challenge for Lent this year.  So far, I have gotten rid of multiple pairs of jeans that don't fit me now that I have lost some weight, several sweaters that either don't fit well or were getting pilled, several evening gowns that I was still holding on to, as well as phones, junk drawer content and several clothing items that I ruined and am now sure I would never have gotten around to fixing.  While I was trying not to buy things to replace what I am tossing out, I did have a moment an afternoon of weakness and I hit the clearance racks at both J. Crew and Banana Republic a couple of days ago.  I bought this wrap skirt at JCrew as well as these slacks in brunswick blue and a Tippi sweater in the same cobalt shade. In order to counteract the blues I picked up there, I stopped at Banana Republic where I picked up this leather tote in a gorgeous blush color for Spring as well as this faux fur wrap in a pretty ice blue color. I love this bag because it fits my laptop AND anything I buy on the way to and from work! I can avoid paying .25 for shopping bags. But I confess, that I left my laptop on my desk when I took these pics at lunch. :)

I Am Wearing:

Cashmere Sweater: J. Crew

Wrap Tweed Skirt: J. Crew

Leather Tote: Banana Republic (mine is sold out on website, but this one is still available)

Pumps: Zara ( cute option)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wearing Red For Women

Today was International Women's Day and I decided to celebrate all the amazing women I know by wearing red in their honor. The political climate has been harrowing at best for the last 6 weeks and I definitely needed a pick me up. Of course, I overdid it and ended up looking like a failed Valentine instead, but I think I am okay with that!  Here is to all the wonderful women who fill my life with love, light, and a never-ending amount of laughter.  May you be celebrated not only today, but every day.

I Am Wearing:

Top: J. Crew

Denim: J Brand

Clutch: Proenza Schouler (current)

Wedges: J. Crew

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co Bracelet | Cartier Ring | Apple Watch

Monday, March 6, 2017

Rainy Island Trip // Death of My Uggs

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip to Angel Island across the Bay.  I did some quick research and learned that it is a quick ferry ride from San Francisco to the island and once there, they have trams that take you all around the island and a cafe as well as a cantina for food. In addition to hiking around the state park, there is also a museum at the immigration station there. I checked the forecast and while it was supposed to rain in the morning, the weather was supposed to clear up around noon and there was even supposed to be sunshine by the afternoon.

I dressed for warmth instead of to stay dry because we scheduled the 11AM ferry and figured we would take a tram to the museum first before walking around the park, and it would be sunny by then. wasn't.  It was still drizzling while we were on the ferry to Angel Island.  By the time we arrived it was coming down harder and we stopped at the cafe on the Island only to be told any food we ordered had to be to go because they were closing 20 minutes after we arrived! We asked where we could go buy tickets for the tram tour and they told us that due to the rain, the trams around the island were cancelled.  So off we went on a hike to the US Immigration Station.  After hiking up the trail in what was now pouring rain and having our umbrellas overturned more than once, we arrived at the USIS a short while later only to find that the museum was closed! due to the weather.

By this time I could feel my socks were wet and I knew my boots were ruined, but I was more concerned that if I could feel my socks, my husband and my son must also have wet socks as they were wearing sneakers with mesh panels.  We finally got signal on our phone and realized that there was another ferry coming to take people from the island to Tiburon several hours before our San Francisco ferry was scheduled to return for us, so we nearly ran all the way back and barely made it onto the ferry to Tiburon.  Once there, we found a spot to grab a bite and finally sat down indoors to get warm.  It was a few hours before we finally made it back to our car and back home and everyone immediately jumped in the shower and into clean, dry clothing.  Fortunately, our son didn't get sick, but my husband and I were both sick for over a week!  That is the story of how my Uggs died a quick and sad death after years of faithful service.

I am Wearing:

Sweater: Gap
Faux Fur Vest: Banana Republic (Luxe Option on Sale!)
Denim: Old Navy
Purse: Coach (similar)
Boots: Ugg

Friday, March 3, 2017

Do Over

Last month I posted that we drove to Sacramento and I wore a sweaterdress over a shirtdress to keep warm in this outfit post. While the outfit looked great in my head, it didn't exactly translate to the real world. Both my husband and son gave me a good dose of side-eye.  So I was determined for a do over and I got the chance when I spent a long weekend in Las Vegas last month to celebrate one of my bestie's birthday. I didn't remember to ask anyone to snap any pics of me since we were there to celebrate my girl, but once we had a rare sunny day back here in the Bay, I jumped on the chance to wear it again.  I think this worked better this time around for a couple of reasons: 1) I ditched the tights, 2) the raised hemline of this outfit make my legs look longer even though I stayed in flats, 3) the white color of the shirtdress and bright color of the sweater tunic keep this from looking too drab.  My husband also liked it and I think it was overall a relative success compared to the previous outfit.

I Am Wearing:

Cashmere Tunic: J. Crew
Shirtdress: Onia Swim CoverUp
Crossbody Bag: Coach (option)
Leopard Coin Purse: J. Crew (current)
Flats: SeaVees (similar)
Daily Jewelry: Tiffany & Co Bracelet | Apple Watch | Cartier Trinity Ring