Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wrapping Up the Local Sales

I joined a friend in a Less is More challenge for Lent this year.  So far, I have gotten rid of multiple pairs of jeans that don't fit me now that I have lost some weight, several sweaters that either don't fit well or were getting pilled, several evening gowns that I was still holding on to, as well as phones, junk drawer content and several clothing items that I ruined and am now sure I would never have gotten around to fixing.  While I was trying not to buy things to replace what I am tossing out, I did have a moment an afternoon of weakness and I hit the clearance racks at both J. Crew and Banana Republic a couple of days ago.  I bought this wrap skirt at JCrew as well as these slacks in brunswick blue and a Tippi sweater in the same cobalt shade. In order to counteract the blues I picked up there, I stopped at Banana Republic where I picked up this leather tote in a gorgeous blush color for Spring as well as this faux fur wrap in a pretty ice blue color. I love this bag because it fits my laptop AND anything I buy on the way to and from work! I can avoid paying .25 for shopping bags. But I confess, that I left my laptop on my desk when I took these pics at lunch. :)

I Am Wearing:

Cashmere Sweater: J. Crew

Wrap Tweed Skirt: J. Crew

Leather Tote: Banana Republic (mine is sold out on website, but this one is still available)

Pumps: Zara ( cute option)

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