Friday, March 3, 2017

Do Over

Last month I posted that we drove to Sacramento and I wore a sweaterdress over a shirtdress to keep warm in this outfit post. While the outfit looked great in my head, it didn't exactly translate to the real world. Both my husband and son gave me a good dose of side-eye.  So I was determined for a do over and I got the chance when I spent a long weekend in Las Vegas last month to celebrate one of my bestie's birthday. I didn't remember to ask anyone to snap any pics of me since we were there to celebrate my girl, but once we had a rare sunny day back here in the Bay, I jumped on the chance to wear it again.  I think this worked better this time around for a couple of reasons: 1) I ditched the tights, 2) the raised hemline of this outfit make my legs look longer even though I stayed in flats, 3) the white color of the shirtdress and bright color of the sweater tunic keep this from looking too drab.  My husband also liked it and I think it was overall a relative success compared to the previous outfit.

I Am Wearing:

Cashmere Tunic: J. Crew
Shirtdress: Onia Swim CoverUp
Crossbody Bag: Coach (option)
Leopard Coin Purse: J. Crew (current)
Flats: SeaVees (similar)
Daily Jewelry: Tiffany & Co Bracelet | Apple Watch | Cartier Trinity Ring

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