Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cold, Bright Days

A few weeks ago, we took our son up to Sacramento to visit the State Capitol and the California Railroad State Museum.  We had heard that it was a great day or weekend trip if you could make it and while we would have loved to stay for the weekend, we only had one free day. We woke up early, picked up some Starbucks and got on our way.  We headed straight for the State Capitol and walked around the Capitol State Park for a long time.  We decided on the trip at the last minute and we had not researched any tour or other visitor information. As such, we ended up staying mainly on the grounds around the Capitol building.  I have really missed my One Weekend posts and I hope to revive that series this Spring.  In addition, I am trying to decide between doing a very long post of some of our favorite day trips or if I should make a separate series that focuses only on Day Trips from the Bay Area.

After wandering around the World Peace Garden and the many memorials around the park, we headed to Old Town Sacramento for lunch and then the Railroad Museum. It was still cold and I heard that it would be even colder up north so I dressed in layers, but didn't quite hit the mark I was going for. My husband asked me what was wrong with my outfit and our son said I looked like one of the religious ladies that knocks on our door sometimes. I guess that means my cool sweaterdress over shirtdress didn't translate well from my mind to my outfit.  At least I was warm!

I Am Wearing:

Shirtdress: Brooks Brothers Black Fleece (previously seen here)

Sweaterdress: Gap 

Sunglasses: Balenciaga (current)

Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (options)

Tights: Spanx

Brogues: Melrose & Market

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