Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chill Factor

The Polar Vortex came through North Texas and surprised us with the low, low wind chills!  I took our oldest to the doctor's appointment and met a friend for dinner earlier this week. I made sure I was well bundled, but comfortable the whole day.
Sweater: Victoria's Secret; Leggings: Lou & Grey for LOFT; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (current)
Hat: Neiman Marcus Last Call; Earrings: c/o Tacori; Scarf: Marc Jacobs for NMxTarget (similar)
This scarf from the Neiman Marcus for Target collection two winters ago is still one of my faves.  It is very lightweight and warm and I think it's one of my most versatile ones.  I definitely use it as a comfy layer in all kinds of climates.
Boots: MIA (really old) (current and on sale)
Another workhorse in my closet are these MIA boots.  They are so comfy and I love that they come to just below my calf and I don't have to worry about them not fitting me like so many other boots!

I hope you guys are staying warm!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cool Mini

The cold has receded somewhat and yesterday was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the high 60's. It was the first weekend in almost two months that both my husband and I were home, we didn't have the boys, and had only our mornings scheduled.  We met a friend of ours at his home to pick up some donations for our charity and then stopped for a quick coffee before meeting another friend our house before a quick trip to the tailor's.  We then spent the majority of the day on the couch finally watching the end of Season 5 on Sons of Anarchy. We even ordered yummy take-out, so that we didn't have to leave our beloved sofa.
Dress: BCBGMazAzria (current and very cute option)
This sweater dress is one of my faves, but it is definitely not cold-weather appropriate.  The length and short sleeves make it perfect for late Spring or early Fall.  I paired it with my tall boots because I could wear thick socks to keep my feet warm.
Pearl Costume Earrings: Gift from my grandma (Givenchy option under $25); Necklace: c/o Gorjana
I also wore these pearl earrings that have no monetary value whatsoever, but that I love dearly because they were a gift from my grandfather to my grandmother many years ago.  About 10 years ago, she gave them to me and confessed that they were the only romantic gift my grandfather had ever given her and she thought he would want me to have them.  I know they are not real, but they mean so much to me and I treasure them exactly the same as I do my wedding rings.
Bag: Chloe (current); Boots: Frye Jane 14L Stitch
Is anyone else watching the Cowboys play in London tonight?  I kept hoping that Will and Kate would attend, but it is not looking likely.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cold Front

When we arrived back from Los Angeles, it was COLD (for Texas) and since it's expected to warm up again by the weekend, I am back to layering as I struggle with the cold, but not winter weather.  I was out soliciting donations for our upcoming charity ball and I fought the cold with a few warm layers.  It probably would have done wonders for my internal temperature if I hadn't left the house with wet hair, but I had to get going!
Dress: Laundry; Cardigan: BCBGMaxAzria (current); Faux Fur Vest: Banana Republic (similar Via Spiga)
Bangle: So Good Jewelry (old) (dainty option)
Purse: Sam Edelman (old) (current leopard satchel) 
Boots: Ugg Classic Tall
I know many people, especially those in FASHUN look down on Uggs as ugly, but I LOVE mine.  I've had both the short and tall of this chestnut color and I can't wait to add another tall pair to my closet soon.  Maybe I will never be stylish, but I will never give up my uggs.  Ya'll can keep your fashion status, I'm going to stay warm.  While I am thrilled that boot season is finally here, I am really looking forward to adding a pair of tall black or grey boots as I just realized all my boots are brown except my booties.

What do you wear against the fashion rules?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Windblown in Los Angeles

We spent the weekend in Los Angeles visiting family and friends and everyone kept telling us how surprised they were by the weather.  Well, so were WE! I only brought sundresses and one pair of jeans.  Fortunately, I always wear a sweater on the plane and I had packed a lightweight wrap. The first day I stayed in wrinked jeans and my sweater while we met up with friends to lunch and went whale watching before meeting up with my brother in law and his wife for drinks and dinner.  Saturday, we met up with my husband's cousins for brunch in Los Feliz.  They picked a great place called Figaro, where we ran into Mark Boone (Bobby Munson from SOA) but I was too intimidated to ask for a photo.  Figaro had fabulous pastries, okay coffee and smashing mimosas-we ordered a large carafe!
Dress: LOFT (short version); Cardigan: BCBGMaxAzria (old) (similar, current season)
Sunglasses: Balenciaga (similar); Earrings: Blue Nile; Necklace: c/o Jane Basch Jewelry
Bag: Chloe Paddington (old); Sneakers: Converse All-Stars
There was a rainstorm the night before and while it was still windy, the view from the Griffin Observatory was gorgeous! We didn't get very many photos because we had very limited time after brunch before we were meeting with friends in Redondo beach and I took most of the time we had at the Observatory standing in line waiting to use the bathroom.
The Griffin Observatory in LA
Walking up to the observatory gave us a fantastic view of not just the observatory, but LA as well. 
We're in Hollywood, Baby!
One of the views of LA from the Observatory.
After our trek up to the Observatory, spending the rest of the day watching redondo beach while drinking appletinis with friends was the perfect way to unwind.  We arrived back in Texas to be greeted by cold weather again, so I was very glad for the weekend getaway.

What are your favorite LA Hangouts?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Breakfast Without the Twist

Everyone always asks what the big deal is with Brunch.  Why is brunch suddenly so much better than breakfast? I'll tell you: Alcohol.  I normally choose brunch over breakfast every single time because I'd rather drink mimosas and poinsettas instead of orange or cranberry juice and I have many friends who love a good bloody mary.  Breakfast is just a bonus. However, when Morgan invited me to breakfast on Tuesday to meet her adorable new baby, I couldn't resist! We went to Breadwinners, which is a favorite hang out and truth be told, I COULD have ordered a mimosa, but I thought that would be very unfair to Morgan who can't drink one with me, yet!
Sweater: JCrew Factory; Skirt: T by Alexander Wang; Earrings: Blue Nile 
Tortoise Bracelet: Lauren by Ralph Lauren (nearly identical by Land's End)
Tote: Calvin Klein (current); Boots: Frye Jane 14L Stitch
The Wright Ammendment was finally repealed in Dallas which means that long-haul flights directly from Love Field are now possible.  During the lead up to the repeal, there was a very welcomed fare-war between Southwest and Virgin America and Mr. Fantastic jumped all over it.  We got round-trip flights to LAX for $187! His brother and wife moved to California about 4 months ago and we have several friends as well as my husband's cousins in the area so we immediately started making plans to visit.  This is the first time in 7 years that we will not be celebrating Halloween as we are traveling to L.A. today and through the weekend.

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween, Everyone!
**This is a scheduled post. **

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Wallflower at the Happy Hour

The weekends we have alone, Mr. Fantastic and I try to cram as much as we possibly can.  It's hard to meet up with friends for Happy Hour, or do date nights, or spend any time relaxing.  Fortunately, this past weekend we were able to do all three at once when we went on a date to a happy hour with friends.  Anyone who knows me, knows I cannot pass up a maxi dress and this was no exception!
Dress: LOFT (short); Necklace: Swarovski; Earrings: Macy's
Bracelet: Fossil (old); Clutch: c/o BCBGMaxAzria (old) (current)
Shoes: BCBGMaxAzria (on sale!)
I LOVE this dress.  It was a last minute purchase last month when I picked up the Lou & Grey tights during the LOFT sale.  This dress was on sale for $69.99 and it was an additional 40% off, the short version of this dress is still on sale! I was worried about how it would fit because I usually have to size up if I want petite sizing, but the elastic waist ensured that the 12P dress was a nearly perfect fit. It gapes a bit in the back and I had to use a safety pin, but I have no problem dishing out $10 to get it tailored.  The print of the dress is called "Wallpaper" and it is so pretty.  I got so many compliments on this dress that I was anything but a wallflower at our local watering hole!  We are traveling to the West Coast to visit friends and family this weekend and this dress is already in my suitcase.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Not Sheer Business

Last time I wore this top, I realized that my top was see-through.  It was embarrassing because I had already worn it twice besides the time I took photos for the blog and decided that I needed to find a camisole to wear underneath.  It wasn't entirely a success this time around either.  I don't know if this top just doesn't photograph well or if I really look this awful when I wear it, but it's awful because when I get dressed, I think "I look great!" and then the photographic evidence states the contrary.  Maybe I will try Spanx before I give up all together on this top that quickly became a favorite this month!
Top: BCBGMaxAzria (current); Camisole: 14th & Union; Denim: JBrand; Jewelry: All old
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff (old) (Current)
Flats: Giuseppe Zanotti (old) (Very similar by Michael Kors for under $50)
My husband worked from home yesterday and we went to lunch and to pick up some items for our charity's upcoming silent auction.  I hadn't realized that now that I've been out of work for nearly two full years, my collection of flats has grown tremendously.  My next outfit will feature high heels since I realized this while editing this post and then I got dressed for Happy Hour with Mr. Fantastic and friends.

Am I the only one who tracks wardrobe changes?