Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cold, Bright Days

A few weeks ago, we took our son up to Sacramento to visit the State Capitol and the California Railroad State Museum.  We had heard that it was a great day or weekend trip if you could make it and while we would have loved to stay for the weekend, we only had one free day. We woke up early, picked up some Starbucks and got on our way.  We headed straight for the State Capitol and walked around the Capitol State Park for a long time.  We decided on the trip at the last minute and we had not researched any tour or other visitor information. As such, we ended up staying mainly on the grounds around the Capitol building.  I have really missed my One Weekend posts and I hope to revive that series this Spring.  In addition, I am trying to decide between doing a very long post of some of our favorite day trips or if I should make a separate series that focuses only on Day Trips from the Bay Area.

After wandering around the World Peace Garden and the many memorials around the park, we headed to Old Town Sacramento for lunch and then the Railroad Museum. It was still cold and I heard that it would be even colder up north so I dressed in layers, but didn't quite hit the mark I was going for. My husband asked me what was wrong with my outfit and our son said I looked like one of the religious ladies that knocks on our door sometimes. I guess that means my cool sweaterdress over shirtdress didn't translate well from my mind to my outfit.  At least I was warm!

I Am Wearing:

Shirtdress: Brooks Brothers Black Fleece (previously seen here)

Sweaterdress: Gap 

Sunglasses: Balenciaga (current)

Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (options)

Tights: Spanx

Brogues: Melrose & Market

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Everything is Gray, Cold, and Gloomy

I took an unexpected break last month from the blog. This probably isn't the best space for it, but the last month has been filled with angst, exhaustion, gloom, and just overall depression.  Unfortunately, my mood severely affects this blog.  There have been days that I am lucky to make it out of bed and my pajamas to get to my part time job. Other days haven't been so lucky and I have foregone clothes other than sleepwear, real meals, and even the occasional shower.  My husband has been incredibly patient as he tries to distract me with a day trip here and a long weekend there.  I hope I can get back to a regular posting schedule as soon as possible, but I keep waiting for good news and instead the news seems bleaker by the day.  The nearly non-stop rain for the last several weeks hasn't helped and I remain gray, cold, and gloomy.

We took a quick day trip to Napa last month. My husband had a business meeting there and we combined it to make it a weekend away for us.  It rained the entire weekend, but we got to visit a new to us winery, Chandon, as well as a couple of faves like Robert Mondavi, and V. Sattui.  It was great to drink some bubbly and pick up some bottles of tried and true favorites. We meant to have a great steak dinner at Rutherford Grill and then neither of us ordered the steak.

I Am Wearing:

Sweater: Missguided

Denim: J Brand

Scarf: Jones New York (option)

Purse: Tory Burch

Boots: Tory Burch (way cute option)

Sunday, January 22, 2017


I know I've been overdoing it with the gray lately, but I seem to buy grey anytime I don't end up with black colored clothing.  I don't think I even hesitated when I saw this grey and gold metallic dress at Gap, I just handed them my card.  I love the longer length in the back and the wide neckline, but mostly the gold thread throughout the dress that gives it a bit of shimmer.  As the rain continues to pour down on the bay,  it has been tough to stay warm and dry.  These cute SeaVees sneakers have been just the thing. The grey flannel (which I am obsessed with) make them warm on top of comfy.  They were perfect for a visit to my doctor and to replenish supplies to fight the last of this cold we've been dealing with at home.  Fortunately, we are feeling better and it looks like our weekend plans will not be cancelled after all. This is a scheduled post.  I will respond to any questions or comments after my return.

I Am Wearing:

Sweaterdress: Gap on sale!

Necklace: Dogeared Jewelry

Handbag: Coach (similar)

Sneakers: SeaVees (current)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bright & Gloomy

We had what is now a rare dry day last week and I went ahead and ran all my errands and did some shopping around town.  While we may not have had any rain, it was still a cold and gloomy day and I tried to combat the gloom with a bright red sweater and my favorite holiday flats. I wore these a couple of times last month and I feel like I am going to put them away to be my favorite holiday pair, but then I pull them out to wear them again.  And so it goes.
There is nothing but rain in the forecast for the coming week and my husband and I are both feeling under the weather now. I hope we recover quickly as my husband made secret weekend plans for us and I don't want to miss them being stuck in my bed. On another note, I've left my fitness by the wayside and it is more than time to take it back up.  I hope to restart my running program over the next few days if I can get over whatever is making me feel so crummy.

I Am Wearing:

Sweater: H&M Conscious (similar)

Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (current)

Coated Jeans: Citizens for Humanity

Flats: J. Crew (cute option here and here)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sweater Maxi

While out in Monterey, we made a pit stop at a local shopping center in search of an umbrella and extra clothing layers.  I picked up this sweater maxi dress at H&M and I've worn it a couple of times since then.  Most recently it was to run errands and go to a school meeting. I was in a huge hurry in the morning and this seemed super easy to throw on a dress, some wedges, and grab a handbag and I was glad for it as the crossbody kept my hands free to carry the dry cleaning and groceries to the car. While we are THRILLED with all the rain, we are also welcoming any and all breaks in the rain.

I Am Wearing:

Dress: H&M (similar)

Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (option)

Necklace: really old by Express (cute option)

Wedges: Christian Louboutin (Splurge | Steal)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Quick Getaway

My husband traveled for work last week and I gave our teenager a choice of where he wanted to spend some time. He chose between skiing Badger Pass at Yosemite, wandering around Santa Cruz, or visiting the Aquarium in Monterey. We were both surprised when he picked the Aquarium over skiing as he is so good at it and he loves it, but I was secretly glad he skipped the snow and was happy to drive back down to Monterey.  We even had time to do the 17-mile drive at Pebble Beach. He was so cute, he loved it so much and started checking out the homes for sale in the area. Of course, the one he picked costs $19Million dollars and he said, "we might have to save up for that one!" LOL. I wore this cute and warm popover from Gap that I picked up last week during the after Christmas sales and these fleece-lined leggings that I am likely to wear a hole into before the month is out.  It was worth it to stay warm in the crazy wind by the seaside.

I Am Wearing:

Pullover: Gap

Windbreaker: Lucy

Hat: Crewcuts (similar)

Leggings: Hue

Shoes: Melrose & Market

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Golden Globes 2017: My Best, Worst, & Fave Picks

My Best Dressed Picks

I could not choose between Emma Stone in Valentino or Yvette Nicole Brown in Vince Camuto(!) so I am declaring a tie. Emma has progressively been stepping up her red carpet game and I love her fashion sense.  She looked like a true movie star in her romantic Valentino gown.  I love Yvette's projects, but this is the first time she catches my eye for her red carpet fashion. She looked amazing. The color, the cut, and the drape of her dress flattered her from every direction and her blingy, but understated jewelry made this one of my favorite looks of the evening. Can you believe her dress is by Vince Camuto?!?!

My Worst Dressed Picks

These all hurt. Here are three of my favorite people, two of them are Anna's for pete's sake. But try as I did, I couldn't like their fashion choices on Sunday night.  Anna Kendrick is such a beautiful woman and this corset top looks like it is strangling her chest and doesn't she just look like she knows she should have gone with an alternate pick? Then there is Cuba Gooding, Jr. There is no plaid I love like black watch plaid and I have been in search of a great tuxedo jacket in the fabric for my husband for over a year and I've been looking for the perfect black watch winter coat for myself just as long. But why did Cuba choose such an ill-fitting cut?!? This looks like he waited until the last minute and then looked around his closet only to find the jacket from his high school prom and deciding he could make it work! Sorry, you did NOT make it work, friend. And finally, Anna Chlumsky in what should have been a beautiful green dress but did nothing for her figure and washed her out.  And are we going to ignore those giant hoops that look inspired by 1989's Rhythm Nation?

My Faves: Sunshine Yellow

Can we all agree yellow will be one of the colors of 2017? I loved everyone who wore it on the red carpet Sunday.  Reese Witherspoon always knocks it out of the park and her Versace strapless sheath screamed Old Hollywood Glamour.  Maisie Williams in Ong-Oaj Pairam debuted her best red carpet look ever in canary yellow. Even Emily Ratajkowski's wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen Reem Acra dress looked fantastic when she first arrived.  But my favorite looks were from Viola Davis in Michael Kors and Natalie Portman in Prada. They both looked classically beautiful.

My Faves: Pantsuits

I have been dying to try this pants trend in formalwear since a charity function last year where a friend wore a gorgeous red pantsuit.  I haven't found something suitable for my short and rotund frame yet, but I am hopeful this is my year.  I was so thrilled to see Kathryn Hahn, Felicity Huffman, and Evan Rachel Wood all sporting pantsuits on the Red Carpet on Sunday.  I love all three as actresses and now I've added them to my "fashionista" faves, too. Kathryn Hahn wore a black suit by Brandon Maxwell and Evan Rachel Wood wore a tuxedo by Altuzarra, but of the three, Felicity Huffman's gold sequined jumpsuit from Edition by Georges Chakra was the best one in my opinion. I am probably biased because I think that is the one I would most like to rock. I hope to see more pantsuits on the red carpet because I know that can only mean a greater selection for us mortals going forward.

My Faves: Couples

I picked Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe as my favorite couple not because they had the best couture, but because they looked happy and relaxed and everything you want to look when you are out for a dressy evening out with your guy.  There is debate about his suit and complaints that her dress is boring, but together, they look fantastic and so, so, well-dressed.
Honorable Mention goes to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth. Kinda tough to look bad when everyone is beautiful, right?

Who were your faves? Least fave?