Sunday, October 1, 2017

It's Fall Y'all: Summer Break is Over

If anyone noticed my extended break this summer. I have a truly wonderful reason for it.  My husband and I found out in May that we are expecting our first baby together! I initially planned to continue blogging throughout my pregnancy, but too many complications arose and dressing for my new shape was not even one of those.  As you know, I am an older lady and so my pregnancy is already considered high risk, but you add my weight, pre-existing medical conditions, and the fact that all of our screening tests kept coming back "no result" or "inconclusive" and I was at one point wrapped up in a funnel of anxiety, panic, and angst at each and every doctor's appointment. Blogging or even taking outfit photos was simply the farthest thing from my mind for about 3 months.
Once we finally got answers and were able to relax and enjoy this pregnancy, we began a whirlwind tour of visiting friends and family and getting away just us to celebrate our coming baby.  I am still not very good at dressing my new shape, but I have found a few items that have gotten me dressed through the last 6 months and I will do a few posts over the next few weeks about the items that I think everyone should have.  That said, I really hope to not become a pregnancy or later a mommy blog as one of the reasons I love blogging is that clothes are at once both superficial and very important to me on a personal level and I hope to not lose my identity as I become a mom. I hope to very much remain a woman, daughter, sister, friend, wife, and human being who loves clothes, but only time will tell what I will or will not be able to manage with a new baby.

In the meantime, here are a few photos of my growing baby bump. Thank you for sticking around in the meantime. I look forward to sharing this new and so happy chapter of my life.

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