About Me

I'd been reading fashion blogs for several years before I decided to jump in as I was transitioning jobs.  It's been difficult to find my sense of style in corporate America and I hoped that this experiment would bring out my inner fashionista. I consider myself a bargain shopper, but I am willing to splurge on items that I know will last me for years to come. If you ask my husband, I have a hoarding problem: mainly shoes, clutches, jewelry and oddly, swim and formal wear. He's tried to make me go to Closet Rehab, but I won't go, no, NO!
The scorching part refers to the heat in Texas, where I lived along with Mr. Fantastic and his fabulous boys when I started blogging.. I will often claim them just because it's easier and I hate the way "step" sounds.  That said, I do recruit our 15 year old to man the camera from time to time. I bribe him with a tad of money and a lot of begging.
I've now accepted that I am in my late thirties.  Aside from that, I am married to the most fantastic man in the universe (hence, he is referred to as Mr. Fantastic) and I generally think of myself as a wife in progress.  I love Texas and it will always be home, but we are now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I consider the whole world my playground and my second greatest love is to roam around the planet with my first love, my husband!

For Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities or any other questions, please send an email to:  ana at scorchingstyle dot com