Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two For One: TOPIO Wrap Up & Winterizing Summer Jeans

This is my last day of the Take One, Pass It On Challenge and while it has been fun, I am looking forward to wearing whatever I want for at least a week! I wore this to Happy Hour with the women of my wine club yesterday. We missed Wine Club this month, so we got together to have a drink and catch up anyway.
Wrap Top & Faux Fur Vest: Banana Republic
Cashmere Hoodie: Vince; Denim: JBrand Jeans
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings: Blue Nile; Necklace: Gorjana c/o Dallas Tidbits
Bracelets: Kendra Scott (buy in Silver) & JCrew; Tote: Chloe (borrowed)
Boots: Frye Jane Stitch 14L
I was talking to a friend of mine about how I wear white jeans even in winter and then I was organizing these photos and saw the photos from last summer (seen in this post) and realized I was wearing white jeans and the same purple top then, too! So I decided to make this a post about how to winterize your white jeans and summer top.  I added a cashmere hoodie and faux fur vest above the wrap top and added my boots over the jeans to give me some warmth because the Happy Hour specials where we were going were only valid at the bar and in the patio. I was still cold so I will have to figure out how to manage another layer.

Below is the full wrap up of my Take One Pass It On Challenge. I only did it for half the month, Sarah did it all month. Go check her out, too!

How do you winterize your summer clothes?

February Spending Recap

This month was not nearly as good as last month for my budget. I knew that I would spend more this month because I really limited myself last month, but I was surprised that I spent just over twice as much because I still felt like I was always checking myself!  This month was a rude awakening for me that I really DO spend without a method or a plan.  Here goes:

1) 3 Victoria's Secret Bras: Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale ($24.50 x 3) = $75
Fulfilled item No. 18 from my Targeted Purchase List (Push Up Bra Replacement)
2) Zella Yoga Tank Top: Nordstrom Rack Clearance ($12.89 + tax) - Gift Card = $0
3) Marika Dry-Wik Jacket: Marshall's Clearance ($19.99 + tax) = $22
4) Prabal Gurung x Target Wedges: $29.99 + tax = $32
5) Prabal Gurung x Target Clutch: $34.99 + tax = $38
6) Splendid Satin Espadrilles: NMLC ($55 - 50%) = ($27.50 - 25%) = $21
7) IntiMint Maxi Dress: Gilt City Warehouse Sale = $10 + tax = $11
8) Kendra Scott Tyler Bib Necklace: Gilt City Warehouse Sale = $10 + tax = $11
9) Paige Olive Skinny Jeans: Nordstrom Rack Clearance ($49 + tax) - Gift Card = $0

Total = $210

In addition to the cash I spent, I used my birthday gift card from my in-laws for both the Zella top and the Paige olive jeans this month leaving me with a remaining balance of $118 going into March.  And I still have a $22 credit at Buffalo Exchange as well, because I didn't get any opportunity to visit this month.

Finally, I found an old white button down blouse at the beginning of the month (seen here) that I've since dropped off at the tailor to have the sleeves slimmed ($18) to fulfill item No. 13 on my Targeted Purchase List (Man's White Shirt), except not a man's shirt, just mine. :) This month I spent a total of $35 on alterations of the previously mentioned blouse, the Balenciaga pants I bought in January, and the Paige jeans above.

How did you guys do this month? Link up with the Budgeting Bloggers over at Fran's blog!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conversations With Mr. Fantastic: Do You Want to Talk?

It's the middle of the night and I can't sleep. I check Instagram, Twitter and the best time suck of all, Pinterest.

The light from my phone wakes him.

Mr. Fantastic: What time is it?
Me: 4:10 (am)
Mr. Fantastic: Why are you awake?
Me: I can't you want to talk?
Mr. Fantastic: No! I'm asleep and you will hold this conversation against me and I won't know why. Put your phone away and let's go back to sleep.

So I did. But the important thing is that he was lucid enough to know that he should not be having a conversation with me in that state! I lurve him.

Since that was pretty random, today I am linking up with Shanna's Random Wednesdays on her blog, Because Shanna Said So.

Repeat or Take One and Pass It On?

My husband worked from home yesterday and we ran several car related errands. I've had my 2004 Dodge Neon since 2004 and I am finally getting a new car! I will probably graduate a to a newer used car, but I need to get multiple things repaired on my Neon because I am giving it to my sister in a couple of weeks. So we dropped it off at the shop and went to have lunch and pick up some parts for other repairs.
Cashmere Hoodie: Vince; Tee: Victoria’s Secret
Leather Leggings: Paloma c/o Paige Black Label
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Tote Bag: Calvin Klein (Buy in White)
Booties: Stuart Weitzman (2011)
Yesterday, our oldest pointed out that I was wearing the same pants as the day before. Then the youngest turned to him and said, "She's been wearing the same thing alot. I think she doesn't feel like doing laundry." I almost died. If teenage boys can tell I'm wearing my clothes over and over again, can other people tell!?!?!
This week will be a bit overscheduled with both my Take One, Pass It On wrap up at the end of the month as well as my February Spending Recap. Andi of Just Another Smith only spent $18 this month! I spent almost $200 more than she did! :(

Are you guys linking up with Fran for the Budgeting Bloggers Link-Up this month? I hope you all blew your budgets, too because it would make me feel much better! ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Favorite Things: Leather Leggings & Striped Cozy

Tomorrow is my bother-in-law's birthday and we met up with all the family this morning to celebrate at brunch. The last couple of days have really cooled down and today we had the wind to contend with, too. We ended up not being able to take pictures of my outfit while we were out because of the wind, so we finished at home.  I love, love these leather leggings by Paige Black Label and I must confess that they didn't fit when I received them in December, but I was too embarrassed to admit it. I am super happy to show off that after NINE Pilates sessions since my free class back on Jan. 30th, THEY FIT! I haven't lost any weight at all, but I do see a difference, most notably in how my clothes fit and I will more than likely be buying a membership at the end of the month!
Sweater: DKNY; Top: Max Studio
Leather Leggings: Paloma c/o Paige Black Label
Necklace: Angelic Pendant by Swarovski
Bracelet: eBay (gift from my husband)
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Amour Satchel
Wedges: Christian Louboutin (Buy in Black Suede or Leopard)
I worried that I would be overdressed, but I think it worked out because the leather panels are only on the front and the back is stretch ponte, and I wore wedges instead of heels. My sister in law immediately commented on my leather pants and how much she loved them.  She's the proud owner of a small Paige Denim collection and was surprised that they offer leather leggings.  For my part, I LOVE this grey color (Phantom) and I hope they will be as versatile as I imagine them to be in my head!
I wore this striped sweater cozy by DKNY from my last outfit for my Take One, Pass It On Challenge and I am so proud of this find.  I bought this in 2011 and I was quite the fashion newbie and had never heard of a cozy (I still don't really know how to style it, I should watch the video) but I saw this sweater at Marshall's and I loved it! I think back then I paid around $40 for it, but now it seems that everyone has one. It is so warm and yes, cozy! I love it. It's funny when I see women who are taller than me wearing one and it comes to around their knee. It comes down almost to my ankles!

Are you guys watching the Academy Awards tonight? I really hope Argo wins!

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Cheating Ways

This week was brutal in our household.  One of our kids "surprised" me on Tuesday, after spending the night in the ER, with the news that his science fair project was due today. So it's been fun times around here! But, that isn't even the cheating ways I have. I haven't been able to get my eyebrows done, so you get to see my shades again. Also, my hair isn't naturally straight or curly, but somewhere in between and not in a cute wavy way, more like some hair is wavy, some is straight and some bends awkwardly. I use various hair products to try to beat it into submission, some are to create waves and some to make it sleek and straight. On days when I have no time to do my hair I reach for my Catwalk Sea Salt Spray so that my hair is more curly than not.  This morning I poured a good amount of Rusk Str8 Serum and worked it through my hair before I realized what I was doing.  These are the photos that I get when I try to cheat my way through my day!
Sweater Cozy: DKNY; Tee: Old Souvenir Shirt from Spain
Pants: Trina Turk (2011)
Sunglasses: D&G
Scarf: BCBGMaxAzria (recent)
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff MAC (2010)
Flats: Splendid Espadrilles (buy in cobalt)
Today I moved my new flats forward in the Take One, Pass It On Challenge. I am really excited about the weekend though, because my husband will be home tomorrow and we have some grown up events to attend. I am really looking forward to grabbing some heels for a change!
Have a great weekend! I am afraid of next week because I have to complete my budget recap and I didn't do so well. :/

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Olive Wine

After I dropped off my husband at the airport this weekend, I stopped by the Neiman Marcus Last Call store in Grapevine. The entire store was an additional 25% off of the lowest ticketed price for President's Day, and discounts were stacked throughout the store. I found these Splendid satin flat espadrilles in the clearance shoe section. The original price was $55 and they were marked 50% off = $27.50. I was able to stack another 25% at checkout, bringing the total to $20.62. I am not very familiar with this brand and I would not have spent $55 on flats, but I loved this olive color and couldn't resist them for just over $20.
Cardigan: Banana Republic; Top: MICHAEL Michael Kors (old)
Jeans: c/o Paige Premium Denim (2012)
Bracelet; eBay (gift from my husband)
Tote: Calvin Klein (buy in white)
Flat Espadrilles: Splendid (buy in cobalt blue)
I normally wear a size 6 in shoes, but that fit right at the tip of my toes and felt awkward, so I went up a full size and they are much more comfortable.  I wore this to lunch with some friends on Sunday, but there was no one to take photos and I wasn't going to ask them because that's just embarrassing. I wasn't ashamed when I repeated the outfit yesterday to run the kids to school and made them take these in the driveway before we left. Well, maybe a little ashamed...but then it started raining and I forgot about it.
This is Day 6 of the Take One, Pass It On Challenge and I am just waiting for a "Color Correcting" challenge because I clearly can't do that.  I usually import all my images to Lightroom and then find white or black color in a photo and apply that filter to the entire photo set, but in this batch, there is nothing black or white! I thought they looked okay color wise until I pulled the one from the last batch for this image. It doesn't even look like the same sweater! One day, you day I will master my photos. I am linking up with Tara of the Penniless Socialite and Sharon of The Tiny Heart for their Look What I Got Linkup.

Did you score anything during the Presiden't Day Sales? Share!