Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Spending Recap

This month was not nearly as good as last month for my budget. I knew that I would spend more this month because I really limited myself last month, but I was surprised that I spent just over twice as much because I still felt like I was always checking myself!  This month was a rude awakening for me that I really DO spend without a method or a plan.  Here goes:

1) 3 Victoria's Secret Bras: Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale ($24.50 x 3) = $75
Fulfilled item No. 18 from my Targeted Purchase List (Push Up Bra Replacement)
2) Zella Yoga Tank Top: Nordstrom Rack Clearance ($12.89 + tax) - Gift Card = $0
3) Marika Dry-Wik Jacket: Marshall's Clearance ($19.99 + tax) = $22
4) Prabal Gurung x Target Wedges: $29.99 + tax = $32
5) Prabal Gurung x Target Clutch: $34.99 + tax = $38
6) Splendid Satin Espadrilles: NMLC ($55 - 50%) = ($27.50 - 25%) = $21
7) IntiMint Maxi Dress: Gilt City Warehouse Sale = $10 + tax = $11
8) Kendra Scott Tyler Bib Necklace: Gilt City Warehouse Sale = $10 + tax = $11
9) Paige Olive Skinny Jeans: Nordstrom Rack Clearance ($49 + tax) - Gift Card = $0

Total = $210

In addition to the cash I spent, I used my birthday gift card from my in-laws for both the Zella top and the Paige olive jeans this month leaving me with a remaining balance of $118 going into March.  And I still have a $22 credit at Buffalo Exchange as well, because I didn't get any opportunity to visit this month.

Finally, I found an old white button down blouse at the beginning of the month (seen here) that I've since dropped off at the tailor to have the sleeves slimmed ($18) to fulfill item No. 13 on my Targeted Purchase List (Man's White Shirt), except not a man's shirt, just mine. :) This month I spent a total of $35 on alterations of the previously mentioned blouse, the Balenciaga pants I bought in January, and the Paige jeans above.

How did you guys do this month? Link up with the Budgeting Bloggers over at Fran's blog!


  1. I loveeee your Kendra Scott necklace! They recently had a Gilt warehouse sale in Miami but I didn't want to pay to go, and the "good times" (the earliest times) were already sold out by the time I realized there was a sale. Maybe next year!

  2. I agree! I got lucky because I'm signed up with Dallas Tidbits and they offered free tickets to the sale in Dallas. I don't think I would have liked to pay and then what if I didn't find anything?

  3. Lucky you on the Paige jeans! And that necklace is gorgeous :)

  4. what i wouldn't do to get my hands on that necklace! it's a real beauty. and so versatile too. i'm on track with my $20/month spending allowance for 2013. temptation is all around me though... :)

  5. Yes, I did well this month! My husband just asked me what the heck I am going to tell you all when I come back with a new pair of shoes or a bag that aren't on sale...We'll cross that bridge when we get there...


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