Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Targeted Purchase List for 2013

Now that I published my Wishlist for 2013, which are the items that I hope to acquire one day, this is the list of items that I will be consciously shopping for this year.  These items are marked as new or replace so that I know when to wait for a better deal and when to pounce on an item.

Apart from this list, there are items that I always keep an eye out for great prices: evening gowns, designer denim, and cashmere.  These items are always welcome additions to my closet to either replace items that are wearing down or to wait for the perfect night out with Mr. Fantastic and our friends.

At first glance, it would appear that I am purchasing a number of coats this year, but I really do need to replace both my trench and my camel coat.  They don't have to be replaced at the same time, and if I find a peacoat before a camel coat, I can probably hold off on one or the other.  My Vertigo trench coat (seen here and here) ripped when I was in Las Vegas and it wasn't at a seam where it can be repaired. Both of my wool coats are over 10 years old and they are dearly showing their age.  My ivory wool coat (seen here and here) I bought in 2003 at a vintage shop.  My black wool coat I bought while in college (before 2003!) and it has been repaired multiple times, but is now fading and felting.

The weather has been yucky this past week and my sister is visiting me, so I haven't bought anything yet, but I am armed with a 60% off 2 items and 25% off clearance at Banana Republic today as well as a gift card to Nordstrom that was a birthday gift from my mother and father in law as well as this trusty list, so my non-shopping days appear to be behind me.
What is on your Purchase List this year?


  1. I want an A-Line dress and a watch too ;)

  2. Hey dear,yes I know I didn't post the outfit infos because I'm gonna do soon a post with more pictures about this outfit,and that I'm gonna add the details :)
    btw,I followed you so we can keep in touch,will be glad if you do the same,have a nice evening :)

  3. I need to make a list like this so that I don't end up buying a bunch of stuff that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT need!!!!!!!! LOL!! And your comment today on my one by far!!!! Thanks for taking the time to write it!! xoxo

  4. Great idea! I keep a current list on my phone but I think an annual list will help me save up for bigger ticket items

  5. I love this and you've inspired me to do a similar list myself. You got some great basics, classics as well as things I love. And there are some fantastic sales going on too!! Can't wait to see you sport your new items

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  6. Thank you so much, ladies! I wanted to make sure that I had a goal instead of just shopping because that's when I buy things and then have no idea what to do with them. So far, it's helped! I've only bought one pair of shoes on eBay and the cost was ridiculously cheap!

  7. Good idea to include and identify pieces you're looking to replace! :)

  8. OH I am also looking for a camel coat, let me know if you find anything at a great deal!


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