Thursday, January 3, 2013

Errand Stripes

I started the year very much the way I ended it, wearing jeans and a sweater.  In this case, my sister and I went to try to find some good deals after the new year.  She found a great sweater, I didn't really find much that worked for me.  I found some great stuff before Christmas, but haven't been very successful since.
Sweater: Banana Republic; Jeans: Paige (buy)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Earrings: no label (thrifted)
Necklace: old (gift from my dad)
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Amour (gift from Mr. Fantastic)
Flats: BCBGMaxAzria (very old)
These pictures look a bit off from one another because Mr. Fantastic and I were trying a new lens he gave me for Christmas.  He gave me a Rokinon 35mm lens that is completely manual.  He's gotten much better with it and I am slowly trying to master it,  but it is much harder than I initially thought.  As a result, I am having to do much more corrections to the images in Photoshop and iPhoto and the color is a bit off.

I hope you are all recovered from the holidays and ready to get this year started!


  1. This looks great on you - stripes are definitely timeless and always a staple.

    I'm jealous of your new lens! I'm still on my original and have no idea how to even upgrade.

  2. Thanks, Fran! I've always been boring and stuck to mostly solid colors, but last year, I branched out into stripes and who knows? This might be the year I buy polka've inspired me! :)

    I'm very lucky that I live with a nerd because I'd never know what to get either. While he hates taking outfit photos of me (because it's embarrassing to him) he does tons of research on all of our gadgets and I don't ever have to beg for new lenses or iPhones. Shoes are a completely different story-and waste of money! ;)

  3. i agree with Fran - the stripes are the business on you! is that a zipper detail on the shoulder?! regardless...i like it.

  4. Thank you! @Donna, yes, it's a zipper detail on the shoulder. @Elise, thank you for following! I really appreciate that!


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