Saturday, January 5, 2013

My 2013 Wishlist

These are the items from Nina Garcia's 100 Item Every Woman Should Own that I don't have or want to replace someday.  The majority of these items are things that I do hope to acquire one day, but for the coming year (and in the foreseeable future) they are things that are simply not in our budget, no matter how much leeway I give myself.  I am the master at justifying my expensive wants, but unless any of these things show up under $500 $250, they aren't going to be coming home with me. 

Don't get me wrong, I have cocktail rings as well as hoop earrings and pearl necklaces. I am thinking that I would love to upgrade these items over time (5-20 years) from costume to fine jewelry.  I have a great workhorse Samsonite suitcase, but I would love to upgrade to a Tumi one.  A few months back, Gilt had the exact suitcase I want on sale for $285 and it was still not a purchase I could justify.

Then there are items I don't own and my husband looks at me sideways when I suggest buying one on a whim, like when we were in Las Vegas for my birthday and I decided that I would look amazing in Chanel.  I didn't bring any Chanel home with me.  Furs, Diamond Studs, Pucci, Reed Krakoff and 3.1 Phillip Lim all fall into this category.

Finally, there are the items that I want to add to my closet, but will probably have to do so only if I find rock bottom bargain prices, like leather pants, a motorcycle jacket, and a nice watch. Any leather that I buy will have to be taken in, be it at the hem or sleeve length, so I have to factor in the cost of leather alterations to any purchase I make.

So these items will be on my wishlist this year and more than likely for years to come.  I will work on my Targeted Purchase List for early next week.

What's on your 2013 Wishlist?


  1. That looks good! I hope get everything from your wishlist very soon!

  2. Thanks, June! This is the list that I won't forget about, but I know I have to be patient. Years patient! LOL!

  3. the items are very practical...affordability just becomes an issue. an investment bag is on my list and has been for a while so i'm with you on the whole patience thing. :)

  4. Yes, I agree that the cost is the biggest issue and hence why this will remain an ongoing wishlist.


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