Sunday, January 20, 2013

Conversations With Mr. Fantastic: What We Need

When I was thinking up a good (and anonymous) name for my husband for this blog, the frontrunners were Mr. Spock and Mr. Fantastic. Both of us have jobs that would probably cast a sideways glance at something like this style blog, so I went the very anonymous route. I chose Mr. Fantastic because I truly believed that if I referred to him as Mr. Spock everyone would immediately know who we were.
That said, my husband makes me laugh all the time.  He tries to reign in my creative chaos with logic and I push his comfort boundaries with my wild imagination.  This was our conversation in the bathroom a few weeks ago (during our two winter days):

Me: You know what would be great? Heated tiles and towel warmers in our bathroom.  That way I won't be cold when I get out of the shower.

Mr. Fantastic (with this expression):
"Baby, we live in Texas! We don't need heated tiles and towel racks.  You know what we do need? -"

I interrupt him and exclaim: Yes! I just told you what we need!

He stares at me incredulously and we both dissolve in a fit of laughter.
End Scene.


  1. what is it about heated floors and towel warmers?! i mean, seriously. i covet the same. could've named Mr. Fantastic, "Mr. Easy on the Eyes"!! :) wishing you and the hubby a lifetime of laughter together.

  2. Thank you! I might be very biased, but I agree with you, I love looking at him, even though he calls me a "creeper" when he catches me. :D


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