Saturday, January 12, 2013

Emma Stone Wins Gangster Squad

Last night, my sister and I went to watch Gangster Squad with my husband and my father-in-law and we LOVED it.  We were worried because right before we went to see the movie, we were advised that the movie had received less than stellar reviews, but I think it just set our expectations lower than they were going in and we really enjoyed ourselves.  Of course, my sister and I would gasp every time that Emma would enter a scene because EVERYTHING she wore was drop dead gorgeous.  I tried to find photos of the gowns, but there are very few full length images of her.
She looked like the movie star that she is in the gold lame dress above (I couldn't find a full length picture) and the casual costumes were also very meticulously designed.  Of course, I couldn't resist adding in a photo of Ryan, because, yummy is he?!?
The one dress that had multiple images was this teal-green dress and it was amazing.  The entire back was exposed and like all the other gowns, it had a slit right up to her hip.  She looked unbelievable in every costume.  So yeah, she kinda wins the movie!

What movies are you excited about watching?
All images found via Google Images


  1. so many pretty dresses! i haven't heard of that movie but I love emma stone!

  2. I know! She's so stunning! I love her with Andrew Garfield, but if they ever break up, I am going to campaign so hard for her and Ryan Gosling to date IRL. They are so cute together!


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