Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Spending Recap

Since I will be tracking my spending this year, I decided to link up with the Budgeting Bloggers over at Franziska's blog Franish and do a summary of my monthly spending. I didn't get a single item on my Targeted Purchase List and that isn't even the worst of it. I am going to admit two big things today:

1) I did some serious spending in December in Las Vegas and during the sales when I realized I had committed to publishing my spending habits for 2013.  I bought jeans, cashmere, a reusable bag tote, a pair of Manolo Blahnik dress shoes, a metallic clutch, and jewelry for a wedding I am attending in October because I didn't want it to count against my budget this year.  I know.

2) Having to note and publish my expenses here makes me cringe and I've caught myself putting things back on the rack.  I can't wait to share my deals with each of you, but the thought of telling anyone I spent $85 on a skirt, literally put me in a bad mood and I ended up leaving the store - without buying the skirt!

Now for my spending:
1) Blue Nile Gold Mini Hoop Earrings: $90 - $25 promo email & free ship + no tax = $65
2) Old Navy Striped Dress: Orange/Blue & Green/White $8 x 2 = $16
3) Legale Fleece Lined Tights: $7 x 2 = $14 - Nordstrom GC ($200) = $0 ($186 GC remains)
4) J Crew Thin Hand Enameled Gold Bangle: (Ivory/Gold) $9.99 - 40% in-store promo = $6
5) Black Balenciaga Pants: $45 at Buffalo Exch - Store credit ($67)=$0 ($22 SC remains)
6) The Pilates Barre Grip Socks: $10 + tax = $11

Total = $98.00

Update: I bought a pair of $10 grip socks at the end of the month. Total is now updated.
I am surprised that I came in under $100 this month, but I think that it's because I overspent in December and I was ashamed to buy anything too pricey right off the bat in January. Except for the pants. I probably would have bought those even if I didn't have the store credit.

How did your budget do in January?


  1. I love that green dress! Wow, you did really well financially this month! Grats. I prob...did..less as well <_<

  2. Oh my gosh! You got both of those dresses for $16?! Way to go! That's amazing!

    And you know what... I would have done the same thing in December. I mean, you were in Vegas and it is SO hard to not spend a lot in December with all the extra sales and shopping going on! It's okay... you can hold yourself accountable now :) I am going to Vegas in March so I know that I'm going to set my shopping budget higher and March is probably going to be spent all while I'm there. That's just how life works! I will do less in February & April to make up for it ;)

  3. I did not perform so well this month. But in my defense, I don't shop for clothes that often. When I do, I end up over-spending!

  4. Haha my budget in Jan was "don't spend $$!"

    I love the fleeced leggings, I need a few more pairs:) thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm glad you found me so I could find you:)

  5. I think you did pretty well this month! I really like everything you found!

  6. I think you did well here! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) I saw your comment about beauty items - and I only count them/budget for them if they're non-necessities - for instance, nail polish (I have probably 100 bottles already, another bottle is definitely frivolous, haha) and makeup (when it's not a color I wear a lot and am out of, or something I need to replace like foundation or primer). I also don't include clothing necessities (like socks and undies!) OR my 1 new workout item a month.

    I'm allowing myself a bit of spending frivolity in workout clothes in the form of one item a month because my workout wardrobe badly needs it (I'm wearing t-shirts that are 10 years old in some cases) and it makes me more apt to workout if my clothing is cute. :)

  7. I really like the striped dresses, so pretty! What a deal too!

  8. Love those striped dresses from Old Navy! It is so fun to see other bloggers' budgets!

  9. Yay you!! I'm still a bit scared to blig my monthly purchase totals, but I love reading everyone else's! The bangle is a total score.

  10. I'm so glad you're going to join us! It has really helped me with my need for things, ya know? If I have to tell a bunch of people about it at the end of the month then I think twice (or thrice) about a purchase. That being said, you got some great pieces at great prices this month! I'm a bit jealous of those dresses!

  11. I think sitting down and adding up your purchases really helps in sticking to a budget! You did really well this month!

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  12. Hi Ana, just stopping to show some luv. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Looks like you got some great deals....looking forward to your ootds with those items.

  13. i see you managed to hit up an Old Navy clearance sale, huh?! they are a blessing and a curse. you did really good coming in at less than $100. i'm going to stop by the Budgeting Bloggers...thanks for introducing them to me. :)

  14. Thank you, all! I really appreciate the encouragement. I've decided that I am going to count ALL items of clothing including undergarments and workout wear, but I will NOT going to count beauty products or make-up.


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