Friday, February 1, 2013

Dallas Tidbits Presents: Megaformer Pilates by GapFit

It would be an understatement to say that I am not very athletic. I am whatever the opposite of athletic is. A couch potato? YES! Usually, I start walking around my neighborhood around September in a lame attempt to shape up in time for our annual charity ball in November. I've tried yoga and pilates via book and video before, but I struggle with class activities because it's embarrassing to not be able to keep up and while I've mostly mastered the art of hiding my figure (flaws) with strategically placed clothing, there is nothing forgiving about work out clothes. For the last couple of years I had been wanting to try reformer pilates because I'd heard that one got a much better and more effective workout with the machines than just doing the moves on the floor. However, when I tried looking for a local studio, they were not only scarce, but also pricey. Last year, the one studio that offered reformer pilates priced their classes at $75 for an introductory class and they required monthly memberships. Knowing that I start off highly motivated and then falter off, I wasn't ready for such a commitment and $75 seemed like a high price to pay for a one time deal.
That said, I was thrilled last week when I received an email from the friendly folks at Dallas Tidbits inviting me to try out the new GapFit yoga pants while taking a free Megaformer Pilates class at The Pilates Barre in Highland Park. I immediately tried to register for the class and was disappointed to be waitlisted. The day before my class I called to see how likely it would be that I would be able to slip in to try the class. The staff was so friendly and I was told to show up because some people (especially people who were new to the studio and the area) were likely to no-show and I could take their place. They also advised that I would need grip socks for the machine, and if I didn't have any, they offer them for sale at the studio for $10.
I showed up Wednesday just before 9:30 and sure enough, a couple of people didn't show. I filled out my forms, paid for my grip socks and was quickly ushered to the area where GapFit had set up yoga pants in all sizes for everyone. I was offered a pair of boot cut yoga pants, which I normally go for because I can use those to go walk around my neighborhood. However, I always have to tailor my boot cut yoga pants because I'm so short. In this case, I went for their Gap Fit gFast Capri and they fit very well! I didn't bring my camera to the studio because: how weird is that? So I went to claim a machine and away we went.
The class was like NOTHING I've ever done before. Granted, that is not much since I don't really exercise, but still.  We were led through multiple poses (like the one above) and moves that we were supposed to repeat 8-10 times.  I could barely muster 4 or 5 (okay a couple of times it was only 2!) but I quickly realized that it's harder to try to cheat the machine than to actually do the exercise.  Our instructor was very nice except for when she would try to use me as an example. Seriously? The class lasted 50 minutes and I was sweating about 15-20 minutes into it.  Not glistening, sweating.  I loved that the gFast Capri by GapFit was moisture wicking because sweat doesn't show through the way it does on my cotton workout pants. I thought I might pass out right around the 40th minute, but I shuffled through and did every exercise even if I didn't do as many reps as the other students.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but everyone was very understanding of my lack of coordination and fitness and just so friendly.  It was a great experience.
What was NOT a great experience was waking up yesterday and attempting to get out of bed. I could NOT sit up because my entire abdomen would scream in pain anytime I attempted to move in any direction. I told friends that I felt like I had been shot in the stomach.  I've never been, but I'm certain it would feel this way. I ended up literally rolling off the bed as slowly as possible and then realizing I could not sit in the bathroom because my bum also hurt when I moved!  But as much as I complained, the one recurring thought was "Imagine how you would feel if you had actually done all the reps?!?" And that told me that this workout...WORKS!  I hurt, but I know that I actually got an incredible workout.  I'm going back for another workout next week.  I hope I can move by then.

THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH to: Dallas Tidbits, The Pilates Barre, and GapFit for my new GapFast capris!

How do you know when you are getting an effective workout? What are your favorite workouts?
Top 2 images from Dallas Tidbits, center one from Gap Online, and last 2 from Google Images


  1. Thank you! It's only been a couple of weeks since my first class, but my husband bought me a Groupon for 5 sessions at another studio and I've been alternating them for the past two weeks with 2 sessions at each studio since. I am still sore everytime, but I really want to continue. I appreciate the encouragement!


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