Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unfashionable Heat Wave

It was cool and rainy on Tuesday and then today it was 79 degrees! I am very happy to report that I went back to my torture pilates class this morning and then I wanted the MOST comfortable clothes I could possibly wear after my shower.
T-Shirt: Zion (bought in Jamaica last year); Skirt: Bobeau
Necklaces: BaubleBar & Vintage (from my wine club swag bag!)
Bracelets: Target (Yellow) and BaubleBar (Green)
Sandals: Cynthia Vincent for Target
According to the weather channel it is currently 79 degrees, but today's high is 73.  I  am baffled. Speaking of things that baffle me, here are two fashion trends that I can't bring myself to wear and I don't understand:

1) Shooties.  If it's cold enough for boots, won't my toes be cold? If it's warm enough for open-toed shoes, won't my feet get too hot in the boot part?
2) Vegan Leather.  Isn't this just pleather? Why is it called vegan?  Why can't vegans admit they don't wear leather and say, "I can wear vinyl and pleather." It took me forever to figure out that vegan leather is just faux leather and then I was pissed that Stella McCartney wanted to charge me $895 for a vegan leather bag.  Just own it.  You are selling me a $895 pleather bag!

I'm susceptible to being converted.  It happened with skinny jeans and then went a step further with colored skinny jeans.  I was only two years behind the trend.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Am I missing the point?


  1. 79 degrees? so jealous!

    And OMG I never understood open toed shooties either. so... do you wear socks/tights with them? No? because I don't get them.

    Also I was JUST talking to a friend the other day about "vegan leather" - I get that it's a fancier way of saying faux leather (or fax leather if you're special) but I don't see anything vegan about it, other than it's made out of plastic.

    1. fax leather! I am not very special so I just say pleather. ;)

  2. Oh, to wear this in February, sigh...... What a fun maxi and I really like the color combo too! Enjoy your heat wave!

  3. this my kind of style, Ana! you look effortlessly chic. i know the word "chic" is a bit overdone, but i couldn't think of anything else.

    now about the shooties. i'll wear em - but never call em that. because central Texas weather is so bipolar, they make sense to me. i prefer to have a peek-a-boo toe and a little ankle coverage when it's cooler instead of having my whole foot and majority of my leg confined to an entire boot. i hope this makes sense...

  4. Thanks everyone! The weather is so goofy in Texas, it's bright and sunny one day, rainy and cold the next, then back to sunny. I can't put any of my seasonal clothes away because we are currently between seasons and anything goes!


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