Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preppy Brunch

Morgan met me and the boys for brunch over the weekend.  We had a ton to do because Mr. Fantastic was coming back home after a long business trip so I wanted to feel casual, but look like I tried.
Top: Ann Taylor; Earrings: Blue Nile
Sweater: Gap: Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (borrowed from hubs)
I forgot to grab a pair of sunglasses before heading out and it was unusually sunny this weekend.  Luckily, I was drove my husband's car and he left his sunglasses in the car.  Hey, what's his is mine, right? RIGHT?
Necklaces: BaubleBar
I have a very difficult time wearing costume jewelry because I am allergic to nickel.  The great thing about Bauble Bar is that their silver is sterling and many of their gold items, like both the rose gold necklace and bracelet I am wearing are gold plated over sterling silver.  Which means it doesn't make my skin break out. AND, I was born in the year of the snake, which is coming up again next year, so I am stocking up on my snake wear.
Rose Gold Bar Bracelet: BaubleBar; Tote: Calvin Klein
This leather tote bag for my trip to New York a few weeks ago has really turned into my go to bag in a very short while.  I think it's because the bag is leather, but it wasn't so expensive that it will devastate me if it gets ruined.  I have other bags that I love, but I know that I would be a mess if my Chloe or Balenciaga bags were damaged.  I would be completely okay with replacing this one since the cost was just over $100.
Shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren (old)
These shoes are so old, but they are still very comfy and I love them.  I know that they aren't as cool as Chucks, but these are much more comfortable than my Converse kicks.  And it didn't hurt that the logo is pink.  It matches my outfit.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Husband's Back!

My husband is back from a week-long trip to Europe.  It's very hard for me to sleep when he is not home, so after a VERY long and fitful night of rest, we spent the entire day together.  We had brunch and went for a walk.  We took these photos on our walk.
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Necklace: old/no label
Earrings: Blue Nile (gift from hubby)
I love this photo because it shows how pretty our little trail is. This is in our neighborhood, but I am always too lazy to walk the three or four blocks to get there.  He's a good motivator.
Dress: Dolan T-Shirt Skirt; Sweater: Clockhouse Elements
I wore my Dolan t-shirt skirt as a tube dress instead of the skirt previously seen here.  I love the pleating detail and it was very easy and comfortable for brunch and a walk. 
Wedges: Prada
Mr. Fantastic's favorite part of my outfit? The side slit that came almost up to my hip, of course! Luckily, the sweater is really long and you couldn't see it untless I posed like Angelina on the red carpet.  The wedge sandals are really, really old.  I think I bought them in 2005.

What is your easy, go to date outfit?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Morgan: Weekend Errands

I am gobsmacked at the response to my blog on Friday regarding supportive undergarments!  It is already the third most popular post on my blog and the only reason that is impressive is because it overtook my post on Jean Paul Gaultier's exhibit and he had retweeted that post himself!  Although only Bessie was brave enough to comment directly, we've received your comments and questions and Morgan is currently working on a follow up specifically to address some of the "more endowed" issues and give you some recommendations of where to find great bras if you are bigger-busted.

Sweater & Jeans: Old Navy; Sunglasses: Target
I caught up with Morgan over the weekend before she headed out to do some shopping and run other errands before heading to work.  She was wearing this happy shade of green.  That reminds me: Is everyone aware that St. Patrick's Day is only THREE weeks away!?!?!
Necklace & Earrings: MixIt at JCPenney (loved this snakeskin one)
I love that the leopard necklace and shoes match in a very subtle way. Not to mention that I've recently become obsessed with gold jewelry and both the mesh bow and the leopard heart are super girly touches.  How funny were those Ellen for JC Penney commercials last night during the Academy Awards?  We are intrigued.
Watch: New York & Co.; Bag: H&M
Shoes: Me Too (sold out on but these Fossil ones are cute!)
Last time we met up for brunch, Morgan saw these shoes at Nordstrom as we strolled around Northpark Center. She'd been looking for leopard flats for quite a while and wanted to see if she could find them online for a better price.  One internet search later, she was the proud owner of the perfect pair of leopard flats!

What is on your wishlist?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best and Worst of the Oscar's Red Carpet

The Oscar's are a fashionista's Super Bowl.  I spent the largest part of my day in agony along with all of Twitter and DKNYPrGirl as she fretted about which celebrity would choose to wear Donna Karan and I am pretty sure I have an ulcer from the stress of celebrityX, who was still debating an hour ago! Seriously, there is an advantage to choosing your dress with time to make it fit beautifully.  If any of my worst dressed picks had chosen DKNY, it would have prevented our collective ulcers and they would have looked much better. Just look at Octavia Spencer, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, and has been loyal to Tadashi Shoji all season.  She looked flawless.

I didn't think anyone was a complete disaster (except for Sascha Baron Cohen) and there were MANY beautiful gowns. Without further ado, my picks for best dressed at the Oscars.
My pick for best dressed: Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford.  Also this makes me squeal at the prospect of a Tom Ford collection!
Melissa McCarthy in Custom Marina Rinaldi.  This is the best she's looked all award season and I loved this dress.
Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli.  I debated for a split second but she looked so beautiful and young that I quickly put her in my love, LOVE column!
Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab.  She was the first actress I saw and my jaw just dropped.  I was stunned that this is her first Academy Awards show and she looked like a total movie star! Loved this dress.
Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen looked incredible and I loved her hair and makeup.  She looked fresh and exactly like the up and coming star that she is.
Rooney Mara in Givenchy.  Keeping with the white trend, I didn't like her bangs or the severe makeup, but the dress is flawless and it fits beautifully.

My Worst Dressed Picks:
Shailene Woodley needs to fire her stylist.  She looked horrible at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards and it's a shame that this is considered an improvement.  I didn't like the long sleeves for her frame. This is why you should pick your dress ahead of time, so that the designer can hem it for you.  She should have picked DKNY.
Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad.  I wanted to love her, I did.  But I can't.  I initially tweeted her out as a best dressed for me.  But the fashion blogger topknot and the boobage.  I can't.
Natalie Portman in Dior Haute Couture.  She is wearing polka dots to the Academy Awards.  She can't expect to be on any best dressed list. She should have worn DKNY. I bet it wouldn't have been polka-dotted.
I might have liked Cameron Diaz in Gucci if it didn't look like she air dried her hair on the way to the ceremony. Meh.
Sandra Bullock in Marchesa.  It was two-tone and boring, yet busy. The ponytail didn't help.  She should have worn DKNY.
Bradley Cooper in a mustache.  Seriously, you are freakin' Bradley Cooper and you date Zoe Saldana! Shave that thing off your face!  I think everyone else is tired of it, too, because I could not find a single photo of Bradley Cooper tonight.  Even though he was a presenter...which tells you that no one else liked it either and I am not alone in this sentiment.  Go shave. Now. This photo is from The Golden Globes.
To end on a happy note, how incredible does Angelina Jolie look in boring black Atelier Versace.  Not to mention her hunky hubby! Several twitter peeps identified this a Givenchy initially and she wasn't interviewed on the red carpet, but Getty and Reuters identified the dress as Atelier Versace.

Who were your picks for best and worst dressed at the Academy Awards this year?
All images came from

Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's Talk Support

I have a confession to make: I used to hate wearing a bra.  For years I had no idea that I was wearing the wrong size and I thought all bras dug in and hurt and the underwire was the worst.  When I was young it didn't pose a problem because...well, I was YOUNG (like young Miley above) and I didn't need as much support as I need now that I am not so young. Although bras are just the tip of the iceberg as far as undergarments are concerned, let's focus on bras for this post; I will talk Spanx and the perfect thong in other installments.
Let's face it, if you are larger than a B cup, you need to wear a bra.  Sorry ladies, as much as even I hate it, it's not optional unless you are totally cool with the saggy look.  Even if you look like Miley, there is nothing classy about letting the girls swing loose around town. I used to always wear Victoria's Secret bras, but in the last couple of years I've branched out and found several brands at different price points that work well.  The key is to get a  bra that fits.  I used to think I was a 36C, and I was, ten years ago! I've gained weight and when I finally got fitted two years ago I was a 38C, this past winter I noticed they fit weird and I got measured again and I am now a 36D.  It is important to be fitted after any major changes in weight and especially during and after pregnancy.  The band of your bra should be snug but comfortable on the FIRST set of hooks - the other hooks are there so that you can tighten the band as the bra loses elasticity.  The straps should be snug when the cup of your bra is halfway between your shoulder and your elbow, but should not dig into your shoulder.  Your breasts should never be closer to your elbow than your shoulder and your band should lay flat all around your torso.  If your band rides up, you should replace your bra with one that fits.
1. On Gossamer Mesh Bra - Nordstrom $40
3. Cosabella Aria Bra - Anthropologie $67.50
4. Eberjay Ruby Bralette - ShopBop $42
There will always be times that you can't wear a regular bra.  I own a convertible bra, a strapless one and my favorite for plunging necklines, a U-Shaped bra!  In my younger years, I would simply forgo the bra when wearing strapless, one-shouldered or very low cut dresses.  As I try to age gracefully, I realize that I have to accept that I need much more support than I used to.  And let's not forget the sports bra because the older I get, the more painful it is to even try to work out with anything that doesn't smush my boobs as close to my chest as possible.
1. NATORI Sheer Scroll Convertible Bra - Lord & Taylor $58
2. Le Mystere Lolita Strapless - $24.99
What bras and brands do you find fit best for your needs?
This post contains affiliate links.  For full details, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
The first two images were found via Google Images.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black and Gold and Red All Over

I had to run several errands yesterday. I have "pop-up" visits at one of the kids' school everyday and then I had to run to the bank, meet a friend for dinner and then go post some mail before doing the after-school routine.  I didn't feel like wearing jeans, but I wanted to be comfortable so I wore this.

Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren; Bracelet: Kenneth Cole
Earrings: White House | Black Market

Top: Rhapsody; Wayward Bra: On Gossamer via Gilt Groupe

This bag is from  I am always suspicious of all of monthly shoe clubs like ShoeDazzle, especially when you read the horrible reviews.  When HauteLook launched SoleSociety, it seemed like another shoe club.  My dislike of these shoe clubs is that they claim to design the shoes, but they seem to all be selling the same ones.  I was reluctant to try, but when they offered the IFB Conference attendees a $39.95 credit, I thought it would be worth it to give it a shot.  I don't buy shoes without trying them on and feeling the fabric and getting to know the designer enough to trust my sizing, but I found a great necklace and earring set (which I will show you later).
As they were having their 2/$39.95 birthday sale and I remembered that Morgan wanted a turquoise bag, I went ahead and ordered two bags.  I ordered a larger turquoise bag for her (which she will review later when I finally give it to her) and this one for me.  As you can see in the photo above, the stock photo looked very yellow.  The reality is that the bag I received was more of a golden or mustard color.
Red Bracelet: c/o BaubleBar BaubleVault; Clutch:
I really like the size, I thought it would be smaller, but it's large enough to fit all my daily items and it also has a chain that allows me to wear it like a crossbody bag if I want to.  The pockets and compartments make it easy to stay organized and even though the color is more mustard, I think it goes well with the red and gold with this outfit.  Not bad for $20.

Pants: Zara; Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Did I mention the running around? No way I would have made it in heels! I love my Giuseppe Zanotti flats and they are so comfy!

What do you wear when you are running errands but don't want to wear jeans?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Today is a Christian Holiday, Ash Wednesday.  It signifies the begining of lent or a 40 day period before Easter of prayer, reflection and sacrifice.  The spirit of Lent is that you should give up something that is difficult to give up because it signifies the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by Satan. I have to confess that I don't always participate and some of the things I've given up before are common like chocolate or sodas.  I wasn't sure that I would give up anything for lent this year, but then I had lunch with a friend today and she had a whole list of things that she was giving up! I decided to get in the spirit of things and I am giving up the following:
FAST FOOD: I notice that when I am stressed, I eat out.  And not even at Restaurants where I can order a variety of items.  I usually swing by the drive thru and pick up one of those pre-packaged meals.  For the next 40 days, I will not eat fast food. No loopholes.
BAR TABS: We don't go out and drink often, but when we do end up at Happy Hours, I've noticed that we end up with a much higher bill than if we just paid cash as we go along. So, no more bar tabs from here to Easter. No loopholes for me, but I obviously won't make people who are buying me drinks  pay for them in cash.
NEW CLOTHES: This is the one that I am going to have a really difficult time with.  I will admit to having slight shop-aholic tendencies. It is difficult for me to be going somewhere and not go out and buy a new dress or a new pair of pants.  And I certainly can never resist a good sale. Hopefully this will push me to shop my closet more often.  I don't want to say that I am going to remix my clothes because, let's face it: unless you are Anna Wintour that's what we all do on a daily basis. Loopholes: Gift cards or gifted items. I will personally not purchase new clothes unless I am using giftcards or someone else buys it as a gift (that is mostly for my hubby, he's nice like that.)

Are you observing Lent? If so, what are you giving up?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Morgan: Go Red!

I mentioned that Morgan and I met for dinner on Monday.  She looked terrific in her red dress and was rocking her baby bump.  I have to say that I am so excited for her and Silent Bob.  We went out to a nearby park for these photos and the wind was trying to mess up our photoshoot, but we prevailed.

Cardigan and Maxi Dress: Old Navy

I really liked this red dress from our favorite, Old Navy, because it doesn't look like your traditional maternity dress, but you can just see the comfort.  Morgan said she loved it because she knew that she would be able to wear it throughout her pregnancy and it is basically seasonless. Most of the time, we mostly laughed at the things you aren't supposed to say or do during interviews that people do or say for some inexplicable reason.

Jewelry (Necklace and Earrings): Target

Watch: New York and Co.
The bold red and gold jewelry was a fabulous contrast to the bright red dress, without overwhelming the entire outfit.  The more I see people wearing fantastic looking watches, the more I realize that it is an accessory I have long neglected.  I am currently on the lookout for a very versatile one.

Shoes: Merona (Target)

How do you find your staple pieces that will carry you from season to season?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Casually Glam Dinner Out

I've been thinking of how to style these gorgeous earrings from BaubleBar (referral link) for a while now.  I originally wanted to wear them with the vintage necklace that my mother in law gave me for Christmas (seen here), but when I tried it, it was too busy.  I think the final look still photographed busier than it looked in person, but I will try it again soon.
Camisole: American Eagle Outfitters; Sweater: Gap; Purse: Prada
I met Morgan for dinner tonight and we stopped at a nearby park to take photos.  It was so windy and the sun was wonky at that time so we ended up laughing and making jokes about how hard a style blogger's life is.  Stay tuned for her outfit photos coming up tomorrow.
Necklace: no label/eBay; Earrings: Erickson Beamon c/o Bauble Bar
I really love these Erickson Beamon earrings that were gifted to me at the IFB Conference by Bauble Bar.  They look so ridiculously posh and gorgeous that no matter how hard I tried to style these in a casual way, they won't dress down!  I absolutely love them and I am so excited that Mr. Fantastic and I have multiple opportunities to dress up so that I can wear them out again and again.  I've also become obsessed with Bauble Bar.  You can expect to see several pieces I recently bought, plus FREE baubles that I earned for spending on the website.  Not to mention, that each Friday they have a Buried Bauble for $10 and they email you the clue so you can find it.  I was super lucky and found the buried bauble last week so I am waiting for a beautiful pair of earrings to come my way this week.
Bracelets: Kenneth Cole, Monet, Thrifted; Rings: old/no label, T+J Designs
Remember my post about losing this ring from T+J Designs? I ordered a replacement because I loved it and I was bummed that I'd only worn it once.  So, here it is again.  They have some great pieces that I am dying to try out.  I definitely want these turquoise earrings for summer and this luxe braided necklace for always.
Skirt: Dolan (via Gilt Groupe); Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby
The skirt was a last minute purchase from Gilt Groupe (referral link) and I love the t-shirt material and the slit.  The slit is actually supposed to be on the side of the skirt, but I thought it looked more interesting as a middle seam.

How do you wear your fancy baubles?