Monday, February 13, 2012

Things I Heart

The blogosphere is a great place for inspiration.  I spend countless hours on Pinterest and reading everyone's blogs.  This past week was so much fun because everyone is very much into Valentine's Day tomorrow.  Looking around the web, these were my favorite posts:
Jen of
Christa of
Fabulous Nail Tutorial from ...Love Maegan 
Valentine's Day is special for me because, to reiterate the message from last week, I am an incurable romantic.  Tomorrow will also mark the 30th Monthiversary of my wedding to Mr. Fantastic.  He is traveling for work this week so we will celebrate when he returns this weekend by taking in a sushi dinner and a sure to be sappy movie, The Vow.

Do you have special Valentine's Day plans or do you avoid the hoopla?

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  1. love this round up!!! everything is so darling + cute. have fun with your hubby and happy "monthiversary!" i will be relaxing with my boyfriend on a weeklong vacation to south florida. i will definitely check back here for some light reading while i am away.. cant wait!
    and yes - so sad we didnt meet up but IFBcon was crazy-fun! glad you had a blast!
    xx shari ana


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