Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preppy Brunch

Morgan met me and the boys for brunch over the weekend.  We had a ton to do because Mr. Fantastic was coming back home after a long business trip so I wanted to feel casual, but look like I tried.
Top: Ann Taylor; Earrings: Blue Nile
Sweater: Gap: Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (borrowed from hubs)
I forgot to grab a pair of sunglasses before heading out and it was unusually sunny this weekend.  Luckily, I was drove my husband's car and he left his sunglasses in the car.  Hey, what's his is mine, right? RIGHT?
Necklaces: BaubleBar
I have a very difficult time wearing costume jewelry because I am allergic to nickel.  The great thing about Bauble Bar is that their silver is sterling and many of their gold items, like both the rose gold necklace and bracelet I am wearing are gold plated over sterling silver.  Which means it doesn't make my skin break out. AND, I was born in the year of the snake, which is coming up again next year, so I am stocking up on my snake wear.
Rose Gold Bar Bracelet: BaubleBar; Tote: Calvin Klein
This leather tote bag for my trip to New York a few weeks ago has really turned into my go to bag in a very short while.  I think it's because the bag is leather, but it wasn't so expensive that it will devastate me if it gets ruined.  I have other bags that I love, but I know that I would be a mess if my Chloe or Balenciaga bags were damaged.  I would be completely okay with replacing this one since the cost was just over $100.
Shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren (old)
These shoes are so old, but they are still very comfy and I love them.  I know that they aren't as cool as Chucks, but these are much more comfortable than my Converse kicks.  And it didn't hurt that the logo is pink.  It matches my outfit.

Happy Wednesday!

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