Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Morgan's Fashion Musings

Howdy, ya’ll! I’m so excited to be officially joining the Scorching Style community as a contributor. Ana has featured me a in a couple of posts before and I’ve been acting as an editor and her personal sounding board for ideas. I thought I would start off by telling you a little bit about my style and my philosophy of fashion.

To begin with, I do not consider myself to be a “fashionista” because I am generally too broke to buy all of the labels that seem to be mandatory to call yourself that. I believe that everyday fashion must be attractive, comfortable and affordable. If you are a celebrity, a trophy wife or independently wealthy, they you can do whatever you want but I am none of those things so I have learned to do the best I can with what money I have and the shape that God gave.

My first mandate when shopping is that clothes must fit and must be comfortable. I don’t have a problem getting something tailored if I need to, but I rarely do that unless I am absolutely in love with the item. If I do have to get it tailored, it is usually because of my cantaloupe sized breasts, which I am usually stuffing into TWO bras to make sure they stay put.

I am not a skinny girl and I never have been, although I would kill an entire small town in West Texas to have my figure back from my freshman year of college. That was when I was a size 6 for the first time since 7th grade thanks to the controversial drug Phen-Fen. I haven’t been able to use a size 6 for anything other than a scarf since because they outlawed my wonder-drug (is it really so bad that it makes your heart look like Swiss cheese?).

For that reason, I am typically confined to Target, Old Navy and plus sized stores like Torrid and Lane Bryant. I’ve only recently decided to give department stores like JCPenny a second chance since they have become more trendy, affordable and cater to all sizes. And as much as I love Nordstrom’s, I am reticent to go there after I tried shopping for a formal gown in a size 16-18 only to be told that I would need to “go to a big-gal’s store.” Now I stick to their shoe section because shoes always fit and I am still holding a grudge.

My second demand when I am shopping is that it be attractive and in-style. I subscribe to People StyleWatch and it has become my bible for what is currently on-trend. I also love that they cater to all sizes and budgets. But, I am a focused shopper. I don’t just wander around looking for whatever crosses my path. I keep a list of things I am looking for on my phone to remind me of what I really need instead of just flocking to the first shiny object that crosses my path. Currently, I am looking for the perfect pair of leopard print flats, a turquoise purse, a purple scarf, purple bejeweled flats, distressed cowboy boots and a camel colored cardigan.


My final criteria is that fashion must be affordable. Since I am putting myself through graduate school on a part-time salary, my budget is tighter than ever. I love luxury brands as much as the next girl, but I refuse to pay full-price for them. I purchased my $795 Manolo Blahnik’s (above) at the Neiman Marcus Last Call store on sale and with a coupon for $220 including tax. That is the single most expensive item in my entire wardrobe and I wore it with a $35 cotton LBD from Old Navy. I also bought a $250 pair of Pour la Victoire patent leather croc-embossed ankle booties (above) for just $33 with tax. That is how I roll.

I am rolling around a little more than usual lately because after three heartbreaking miscarriages, I am excited to announce that I am 17 weeks pregnant. I have been married for two and a half years to Silent Bob – nicknamed so because he is a man of very few words. My husband and I are super excited that we are having a little boy, but this means that some of my posts over the next months will be dealing with my quest to find affordable and attractive maternity fashions. And because I'm a makeup junkie, I'll also be sharing some of my favorite products and tips. I hope you will stick around because I am excited to meet all of you!


  1. Welcome! I'm so glad to know that we will be hearing from you too. Congratulations on the baby boy! Look forward to your future posts.

  2. Welcome, Morgan! I am thrilled with your first piece and I definitely look forward to reading more!

  3. Welcome Morgan!! Love your thoughts about style!! Looking forward to your posts!

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  4. I love your fashion philosophy :) And congrats dear on the new addition - I hope it's a wonderful experience for you and your hubby :)



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