Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's Talk Support

I have a confession to make: I used to hate wearing a bra.  For years I had no idea that I was wearing the wrong size and I thought all bras dug in and hurt and the underwire was the worst.  When I was young it didn't pose a problem because...well, I was YOUNG (like young Miley above) and I didn't need as much support as I need now that I am not so young. Although bras are just the tip of the iceberg as far as undergarments are concerned, let's focus on bras for this post; I will talk Spanx and the perfect thong in other installments.
Let's face it, if you are larger than a B cup, you need to wear a bra.  Sorry ladies, as much as even I hate it, it's not optional unless you are totally cool with the saggy look.  Even if you look like Miley, there is nothing classy about letting the girls swing loose around town. I used to always wear Victoria's Secret bras, but in the last couple of years I've branched out and found several brands at different price points that work well.  The key is to get a  bra that fits.  I used to think I was a 36C, and I was, ten years ago! I've gained weight and when I finally got fitted two years ago I was a 38C, this past winter I noticed they fit weird and I got measured again and I am now a 36D.  It is important to be fitted after any major changes in weight and especially during and after pregnancy.  The band of your bra should be snug but comfortable on the FIRST set of hooks - the other hooks are there so that you can tighten the band as the bra loses elasticity.  The straps should be snug when the cup of your bra is halfway between your shoulder and your elbow, but should not dig into your shoulder.  Your breasts should never be closer to your elbow than your shoulder and your band should lay flat all around your torso.  If your band rides up, you should replace your bra with one that fits.
1. On Gossamer Mesh Bra - Nordstrom $40
3. Cosabella Aria Bra - Anthropologie $67.50
4. Eberjay Ruby Bralette - ShopBop $42
There will always be times that you can't wear a regular bra.  I own a convertible bra, a strapless one and my favorite for plunging necklines, a U-Shaped bra!  In my younger years, I would simply forgo the bra when wearing strapless, one-shouldered or very low cut dresses.  As I try to age gracefully, I realize that I have to accept that I need much more support than I used to.  And let's not forget the sports bra because the older I get, the more painful it is to even try to work out with anything that doesn't smush my boobs as close to my chest as possible.
1. NATORI Sheer Scroll Convertible Bra - Lord & Taylor $58
2. Le Mystere Lolita Strapless - $24.99
What bras and brands do you find fit best for your needs?
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  1. I couldn't agree with this post is just not a good idea to let the girls hang loose as you said. I buy all of my undergarments from VS and do get a fitting every year! SO sorry to hear the the alterations made the price of the coat go back up to the regular price... I hope they'll offer this in petites!

  2. Thanks! I still wear some VS, but I have a very hard time finding bras that are big enough for my cup without the dreaded spill out and still have the middle flat against my sternum instead of uni-boob.

    I love that scarf print tulip skirt and your mustard flats!

  3. Every girl/woman should wear a bra.I have a 34d and I could not leave the house without a bra on.Even if someone have an a-it just doesn´t look nice at all!


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