Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Morgan: Go Red!

I mentioned that Morgan and I met for dinner on Monday.  She looked terrific in her red dress and was rocking her baby bump.  I have to say that I am so excited for her and Silent Bob.  We went out to a nearby park for these photos and the wind was trying to mess up our photoshoot, but we prevailed.

Cardigan and Maxi Dress: Old Navy

I really liked this red dress from our favorite, Old Navy, because it doesn't look like your traditional maternity dress, but you can just see the comfort.  Morgan said she loved it because she knew that she would be able to wear it throughout her pregnancy and it is basically seasonless. Most of the time, we mostly laughed at the things you aren't supposed to say or do during interviews that people do or say for some inexplicable reason.

Jewelry (Necklace and Earrings): Target

Watch: New York and Co.
The bold red and gold jewelry was a fabulous contrast to the bright red dress, without overwhelming the entire outfit.  The more I see people wearing fantastic looking watches, the more I realize that it is an accessory I have long neglected.  I am currently on the lookout for a very versatile one.

Shoes: Merona (Target)

How do you find your staple pieces that will carry you from season to season?

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