Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Shopping: Bloomingdales Gift Card

For no apparent reason, Mr. Fantastic gave me a $50 gift card to Bloomingdales today.  It was not my Valentine's Day gift because we exchanged gifts earlier this week (he upgraded my SLR camera to a Canon EOS Rebel T2i) and it's not my birthday.  I am not one to question him when he decides to lavish me with gifts so shopping I went!  I found all of these items for under $50 on sale at except for the Yellow Lauren Ralph Lauren jeans, but for $55, I couldn't find a better deal and I am really into yellow lately... and sequins...and pink.
1. DKNY Sequin Top - Originally $69 (sale $34.50)
2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Sequin Tee - Originally $89 (sale $37.50)
3. DKNY Knife Pleat Top - Originally $89 (sale $44.50)
4. Lauren Ralph Lauren Yellow Jeans - Originally $99 (sale $55.72)
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pavé Katie Ring - Originally $68 (sale $47.50)

What should I buy with my gift card?


  1. I am liking that pleated top from DKNY! What a nice camera upgrade too, can't wait to see the new pictures. The trench in my post today is on sale at LOFT, 30% off :)

  2. Tough call. I like the Marc Jacobs ring. I also love colored jeans but yellow is not in my personal color pallet so I cannot vote for that, lol.


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