Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wine and Dash

The last day of our wine tour was a travel day as well.  I may be the only wino who refuses to give up white or light colored pants for wine, but I've been lucky so far.  Before coming home to Texas we squeezed in two more wineries and didn't regret it for a second!  We joined two other couples that we only see for my husband's work, and visited Stonestreet Winery and toured another cave including a cheese pairing at Lancaster Estate.
Top: Victoria's Secret (old); Sunglasses: c/o ZeroUV; Earrings: c/o Kluster Happy Jewelry
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (old); Bracelet: Lauren Ralph Lauren; Tote: Rebecca Minkoff (old)
Cork Flats: Neiman Marcus (last season) (identical option by JCrew) (The ones I wanted by Stuart Weitzman)
I am not a fan of stripping for TSA, so I kept my jewelry minimal and wore my favorite ultra-low shoe liners from Hue because there are so few things that gross me out as much as walking barefoot at the TSA checkpoint. I am already on the smaller size scale for shoes (I wear a 6) and while I could stand to take a size smaller, the S/M size works with most flats I own, including these.
On Him - Shirt: American Eagle; Jeans: Banana Republic; Sunglasses: Maui Jim; Shoes: Johnston & Murphy                      In this photo, we are at Stonestreet Winery where the rosebushes are HUGE and the views are beautiful.
Cheese Pairing in the Cave at Lancaster Estate
Headed to the Cave Tour at Lancaster Estate
I have to say that I was favorably surprised to discover that we were often the only people at the vineyards we toured on this trip.  I don't know if that is typical of May in Sonoma, but it was a completely different experience from when we visited in October.  The biggest difference aside from the privacy on this trip, was that we never stood around a counter while someone poured wine and crossed off our sheets the way they did at Castello di Amorosa in the fall.  At each vineyard, we got to sit with our friends, enjoy a gorgeous view, and we were presented the wines we were tasting by our  guide who then left us alone in between sips to discuss amongst ourselves.  It was great to see how many wineries use caves to store their wines and host events.  We were often told that the savings in energy, storage, and taxes alone pay for the caves in 3-5 years after which the savings are pure profit.  We didn't want to leave the gorgeous wine country, but we were running late so we had make a quick getaway to catch our flight home.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Our best weather is in October. That is our summer time.

    Also, since it seems like you fly a lot-you should try to become TSA-Pre. It allows you to go through TSA with your shoes on.

  2. I always think of getting Pre-Checked when we schedule our travel, but then I forget until it's time to get going! :)


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