Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Wrap Story! Conversations With Mr. Fantastic

I can't remember how long I've wanted a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress.  I remember that when I first wanted one, the average cost of one was about $200, maybe $220 and that was way more money than I could spend for a single dress.  A couple of years ago, I wrote about how envious I was when helping my mother-in-law sort through her friend's closet and we found a vintage wrap dress in her closet here.  Last month, I made Mr. Fantastic take me to the Journey of a Dress exhibit at the LACMA while we were in LA for LuckyFABB, post is here.
Catherine | Sarah Jessica Parker | Coco Rocha (all photos from Google Images)
After a lunch in which I gushed about which ones I wanted, he thought I had more than one because I wore a wrap dress on our first date and he has seen this one numerous times, but neither one is by Diane von Furstenberg. He questioned how come I had never bought one before, even on eBay, since I've bought things that are way pricier than a $300 dress like shoes and handbags for way less than retail.  I replied that I was scared of buying one on eBay because one of my friends bought one on eBay and it turned out to be a counterfeit and it is so hard to tell.  They have launched so many different lines of the Diane von Furstenberg brand (Diane, Vintage, 1974, etc.) that it is hard to know which tag is supposed to have what watermark! He asked me if "everyone" has one, and I said, "Yes! But not anyone I know in real life." After laughing, he asked, "So, who exactly do you know that has one?" So I told him of my obsession with Blair of Atlanta-Pacific's collection of DvF wrap dresses (one, two, three, four and my fave), I am too short to rock the maxi's like her, but her collection is probably the one I most want.  Also, my fashion idols: Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama, and Miranda Kerr. The night before we had run into Coco Rocha after our dinner and when I told him she was part of the "Journey of A Dress" campaign, he said, "So you DO know someone who owns one in real life!" and we laughed, because that doesn't count!  Then we came home and that very next week, both Jean and Fran debuted their new DvF wrap dresses and I sent him the links to their blog posts.  Unbeknown to me, he bought me my first DVF dress that week so that I could have it for Mother's Day!
Jean of Extra Petite | Fran of Franish | Blair of Atlanta-Pacific
The following week, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge famously wore her Patrice wrap dress in Australia and the dress sold out in 8 freakin' minutes! Seriously?!?!  I sent my besieged husband yet another link asking why Catherine has a DvF wrap dress and I don't? I know, I am such a brat. And lastly, we were catching up on previous episodes of one of my favorite shows, Bones, and Temperance AKA Bones, wears the black Jeanne wrap dress to a funeral in The Turn in the Urn. Coincidentally, I believe it is the same dress as Fran is wearing in the pic above.  He told me after he gave it to me, that he almost replied that I was as much a princess as Catherine, and then he almost pulled it out to shut me up when we were watching TV.  Instead, he very sweetly, brought the UPS box to me as I was packing for our current trip to California.  He said, "Why don't you pack this, too?" and I have to say I was more than just a tad in disbelief as I opened the package.  There are very few things that he will pay retail for, but he admitted that the link to Jean's post included an alert to a 25% sale and he wanted to make sure neither of us had any doubts about the authenticity of it.  The only other item that he has ever bought at the source (boutique, website, etc.) are my wedding shoes.  He confessed to being completely overwhelmed with the print selection and he didn't think I would want exactly the same dress as my online "friends" so he picked a solid color and went with the blue because he likes it. I love it! Mine is the New Julian Two Mini in Blue Diamond.  I have a short torso and it needs to be taken up at the shoulders so that it doesn't gape open at the bust. I will take it to my tailor as soon as we are back from our weekend in Sonoma and hopefully I will get to wear it for our Mother's Day family brunch.

So that's my Wrap Story. :)

What's Yours?


  1. What a sweetie, that Mr. Fantastic! Such a beautiful dress and I can't wait to see it on you! :)

    1. Thank you! I am so excited, I dropped it off at the tailor first thing Monday and I should have it back in time to wear to our Mother's Day Family Brunch.

  2. Ah love your story... your hubby is such a sweetie! Keep him forever!! LOL :)

    1. Thank you, Veronica. I really hope I get to keep him. LOL! I know sometimes I try his patience, but he manages to stick around, even if he mostly makes fun of my fashion choices.


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