Monday, March 6, 2017

Rainy Island Trip // Death of My Uggs

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip to Angel Island across the Bay.  I did some quick research and learned that it is a quick ferry ride from San Francisco to the island and once there, they have trams that take you all around the island and a cafe as well as a cantina for food. In addition to hiking around the state park, there is also a museum at the immigration station there. I checked the forecast and while it was supposed to rain in the morning, the weather was supposed to clear up around noon and there was even supposed to be sunshine by the afternoon.

I dressed for warmth instead of to stay dry because we scheduled the 11AM ferry and figured we would take a tram to the museum first before walking around the park, and it would be sunny by then. wasn't.  It was still drizzling while we were on the ferry to Angel Island.  By the time we arrived it was coming down harder and we stopped at the cafe on the Island only to be told any food we ordered had to be to go because they were closing 20 minutes after we arrived! We asked where we could go buy tickets for the tram tour and they told us that due to the rain, the trams around the island were cancelled.  So off we went on a hike to the US Immigration Station.  After hiking up the trail in what was now pouring rain and having our umbrellas overturned more than once, we arrived at the USIS a short while later only to find that the museum was closed! due to the weather.

By this time I could feel my socks were wet and I knew my boots were ruined, but I was more concerned that if I could feel my socks, my husband and my son must also have wet socks as they were wearing sneakers with mesh panels.  We finally got signal on our phone and realized that there was another ferry coming to take people from the island to Tiburon several hours before our San Francisco ferry was scheduled to return for us, so we nearly ran all the way back and barely made it onto the ferry to Tiburon.  Once there, we found a spot to grab a bite and finally sat down indoors to get warm.  It was a few hours before we finally made it back to our car and back home and everyone immediately jumped in the shower and into clean, dry clothing.  Fortunately, our son didn't get sick, but my husband and I were both sick for over a week!  That is the story of how my Uggs died a quick and sad death after years of faithful service.

I am Wearing:

Sweater: Gap
Faux Fur Vest: Banana Republic (Luxe Option on Sale!)
Denim: Old Navy
Purse: Coach (similar)
Boots: Ugg

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