Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hitting the (Bunny) Slopes!

The highlight of our Spring Break Trip was definitely the day we spent learning to ski at Badger Pass. Once we decided to head to Yosemite for our trip, we looked around our hotel for things to do.  One of the top attractions was skiing at Badger Pass which is within the National Park of Yosemite.  Almost all reviews stated that it was one of the best places to learn to ski because they have multiple runs that are listed as easy and easiest.  We made a nearly last minute decision to do it less than a week before our flights and I spent a large amount of that time on eBay, Craigslist and at discount retailers trying to find ski gear for all four of us.  The complete list of what I purchased and packed for the trip can be found in my previous post here.
Pants: Stella McCartney x Adidas; Jacket: Nils; Gloves: The North Face
The high for the day we were there was 52, but because we were going the whole day, it quickly got hot and everyone tossed their jackets aside.  Since I spent the majority of the time on my butt instead of my skiis, I was very thankful that my ski pants fit because they were waterproof.
View of Badger Pass from the Club House
View of the Yosemite Valley on our way back to the resort
The views during the drive up and while we were at the ski resort were wonderful.  We were very sad to hear that the snowfall this year was way below their usual averages.  In fact, the resort had a very shortened ski season due to the lack of snow.  Usually Badger Pass opens in late December and doesn't close until early to mid-April and this year, they didn't open until late January and ours was one of the last days they were open because the snow was melting fast.  Because they are located in a National Park, they are not allowed to use snow making machines since these make too much noise and disturb the wild critters in the park.  We loved spending the day skiing and even the total body soreness the next day didn't discourage us from deciding to book another ski trip as soon as the weather permits!
Do you ski? Any favorite locations?

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