Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nature Walk Around Yosemite

After spending the day skiing at Badger Pass, I woke up exactly the same as I woke up the day after my first Pilates class. I hurt EVERYWHERE and it was hard to even use the bathroom! I decided to do nothing but lay around the hotel room.  My family had other plans. They wanted to walk around Yosemite and when I said that sounded a lot like hiking, they assured me it would be nothing more than a fun nature walk. And I believed.
Top: Brooks Utopia; Leggings: GapFit; Boots: Sorel (borrowed); Sunglasses: Nordstrom
While I was unable to finish even the small hike to Vernal Falls (1.6 miles), my husband and the youngest made it all the way to the top, while the oldest and I waited at a clearing close to the top (we went about 1.3 miles) and they joined us on the way back down.  Then we headed to the Yosemite Falls and stopped at the base to take photos, but didn't continue the climb because the sun was starting to set and we didn't want to get caught limping in the dark.
Gorgeous view of the Vernal Falls and the beautiful rainbow at the base.
Even the squirrels were sunbathing
View from the base of the Yosemite Falls
The views everywhere were spectacular and our only regret is that we didn't have more time to spend as we didn't get to walk to the Mirror Lake or a couple of other falls.  My husband and our youngest also wanted to climb El Capitan, but the chains weren't up and we didn't want to split up.


  1. Great pics.

    It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

  2. Thank you, Patrick! While I didn't enjoy the "hike" the views were incredible and well worth my aching body the next day!


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