Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Colorblock Wednesday

It's Wednesday, which is usually my give-up day.  Today, I decided to make and effort and surprise both of my readers everyone.

I am wearing:
Dress: Alfani
Trench: Vertigo
Boots: Charles David
Earrings: Icing
Bracelets: Monet and New York & Co

I bought this dress last year for a charity luncheon that I was attending and had to have it tailored because it was so long on me.  My tailor and I don't speak the same language so I misunderstood when he asked me if it was for work.  I said no, not realizing that he was trying to determine if I wanted it to be shorter than knee length and I ended up with a dress that is a tad shorter than I would like for the office. But I adore the colors of this dress. I paired my gold Monet bracelet with my New York and Co. red beaded bracelet set, both of which I've worn before.  The Vertigo trench was the perfect topper for this outfit and the weather today.

I couldn't figure out what earrings to wear so I put these black beaded ones in because I couldn't find any black ones I liked.  I ended up taking these off right before I walked out the door because I think they are dressier than this ensemble calls for.  They are pretty for parties, but not for today.

Boots are a not so small obsession of mine.  I love this pair of tall, tan boots by Charles David.  They go with almost everything in my closet.  This is another pair that I've had resoled and had both the heel tips and toe tips replaced multipe times.  They need to have the whole heels replaced soon as I stripped one of the heels the last time I wore them and didn't notice it until I put them on today.  Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Is this what you are wearing to work today? Great outfit!!! Love the color blocked dress and those boots are fierce!

  2. Yes! I wore that yesterday, but I do think I need to hold off on this dress for more casual parties because there were a couple of times I didn't want to stand up or sit! It really is too short for wearing without tights.


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