Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane: Engagement Photos

Three years ago tomorrow, Mr. Fantastic asked me to be his wife.  Even though you don't know him, he is one of the shy-est? most private people I know.   I was stunned when he took the opportunity to propose in a very public way.  I love the photo above because it is the most accurate depiction of how happy and overwhelmed I was feeling at that moment.  BTW, Mr. Fantastic is still on one knee in that photo.  He is just very tall...
I am Wearing: Dress by Express, Necklace and Bracelet by Icing

I loved our engagement photos and even today, these are some of the best photos that we've ever had taken of us.  I highly encourage brides to take the opportunity to have engagement photos done prior to the wedding because I love looking at these and seeing, not only the love we feel for one another, but also the sheer hope and optimism for the future that is just beginning.  Did I mention he is very tall?
I am Wearing:
Sweaterdress: Victoria's Secret
Belt: Macy's
Shoes: Nefasta by Manolo Blahnik

Mr. Fantastic is Wearing:
Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: Neiman Marcus
Shoes: Kenneth Cole New York
Even though I have an unhealthy shoe obsession, Mr. Fantastic is quite supportive and he doesn't fall too far behind in his own right.  He draws the line at having multiple black (or brown) shoes, but he does like to look sharp.  I call these my engagement shoes because they were my Christmas present a few weeks after we got engaged.  I love that our photographer took this photo.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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