Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall into Boots and Jeans

Leaves this color DO NOT happen in Texas.  We have two seasons: hot and kinda cool.  This year, we've had three: Spring, Summer and now FALL!

I am Wearing:

Top:  Michael Kors
Sweater: Gap
Jeans:  Express
Earrings:  Wet Seal
Boots:  MIA Roadster
Bracelets:  Marc Jacobs and DIY
Clutch:  Coach

This is an easy outfit to throw together for meeting family for lunch and going shopping after the Black Friday madness.  From the looks of it, most bloggers own boots, jeans and a sweater.  I am clearly not an exception.  The sweater is from Gap and was a gift from Mr. Fantastic earlier this year.

This Michael Kors top is from TJ Maxx.  I really like the ruching detail (disguises the overeating from Thanksgiving a bit) and the asymmetrical neckline adds a different touch to the outfit.  I was trying to stay away from black on black and the olive color breaks up the black of the outfit very well.

This is the only black purse I own.  I can't even call it a handbag because it is just really not big enough to be a handbag.  It's much closer to a clutch.  I purchased this bag back in 1999 and I can't say enough about buying quality leather regardless of purpose (purses, shoes, coats, etc.) because you will get what you pay for.  Sometimes, I think this bag looks a tad tired, but I can always spruce it up with a quick shine.
Once I pulled out these MIA boots for the game on Thursday, I figured I would wear them again before I had to put them back in the box.  Now that I think about it, I will be wearing these alot now that the weather is turning.  They're definitely not going back in their box.
**Update: Yesterday I mentioned that I bought my boots on sale from Ideeli.  These boots are on sale again TODAY! Go get them: Referral Link**

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