Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friendly Visit: Interview Outfit

Morgan and I are both transitioning jobs now and it's been a great resource to have each other to bounce ideas and review resumes together.  She had an interview last week and this is what she wore.

She is Wearing:
Black wide leg trousers:  New York & Co
White shirt:  JCPenny
Scrunched sleeve blazer:  Target
Shoes:  Gianni Binni
Short pearl necklace:  Zales
Long pearl chain and earrings:  Nordstrom
Handbag:  Kathy Van Zealand

I liked the way she layered the necklaces.  This is something that I still struggle with, but I think she was able to pull the look off very well and not look like she was ready for the club.  I really liked the jewelry she choose for this look and I am impressed by the effect.  As I noted before, I usually stay away from most jewelry during first interviews.

I loved the pop of color in the shoes.  These are a great and comfortable heel height and even the red patent doesn't take away from the understated look of the closed toe pumps.  I loved this whole look and I hope she hears good news soon!

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