Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Office Filing

This is my "I already know that I will be spending my day archiving" outfit.  Completely comfortable, but looks professional from a safe distance.

I am Wearing:
Tunic: H&M
Sweater: Gap
Pants: Trina Turk
Boots: MIA
Coat: Vintage US Navy
Earrings: Macy’s
Tote: Kate Spade & Maira Kalman
This coat is a fantastic flea market find by my mom.  The tags say that it is an official US Navy issue coat, and I've had it for at least 5 years.  She bought it for $8 and gave it to me.  I ripped it in half about 3 years ago and had to get it repaired, that cost me $15.  This is my most used coat and it cost less than $25.  I don't count the yearly dry cleaning fee because I clean all my coats at least once a year.  No one can beat the deals my mom finds when she's not even looking!
Yes, the boots...again.  I really was going to put them away and then changed my mind.  Now they sit by my bed and call out to me every single morning.  I barely contained myself yesterday, but couldn't resist today.  Dress code says no sneakers, but these boots are just as comfortable as sneakers.  So here they are again.  I pulled out my Kate Spade tote to give me a hint of girl in the shades of black and grey today.

Happy Tuesday!

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