Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Night at the Museum

I already beat everyone over the head about my excitement over the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit.  Morgan and I went last Thursday to a lecture and preview of the exhibit for museum members.  This is what I wore.
I am wearing:
Dress: Max Studio
Jacket: Vivienne by Vivienne Tam
Earrings: Old (bought at a boutique in downtown Grapevine)
Necklace: Old
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Scissor Girl
Clutch: Jimmy Choo Ciggy

Originally, I was planning to wear a cute pencil skirt and top.  However, Mr. Fantastic and I have a huge charity event this coming weekend and I can't shave until I get my legs waxed (sooo embarrassing!) and there were no tights on earth that would disguise my woes, plus I still don't like tights and open-toe shoes. I decided to go for a cute (and comfortable) maxi dress.  I am always cold wherever I go if the place is air-conditioned, so I threw on this cute jacket over the maxi dress.  I love it and I got so many compliments throughout the night.

I honestly can't remember where I bought this necklace, but I love it and I thought it complimented the dress very well.  The earrings came from a cute shop in downtown Grapevine, Texas about 5 years ago and I didn't even have the necklace yet, but I think they coordinate pretty well.

These shoes were somewhat of an odyssey for me.  I saw them in the summer of 2009 in black suede, but I am not often a fan of suede because it is way to delicate for my lifestyle.  I am very hard on my shoes and suede rarely holds up well. Then that fall I kept seeing them everywhere and I wanted them, but they only had the leather ones in black and purple.  At the time, I was staying away from buying another pair of black strappy heels and purple wasn't going to fill a need in my closet.  So I passed, but the itch kept coming back.  Finally in the Fall of 2010, right before our biggest charity gala of the year, I was at the mall and everyone was having their sale season.  I usually never find cute shoes in my size, but this glimmer of bronze caught my eye.  I was soooo thrilled to look closer and see that they were my beloved Scissor Girl shoes in a color that I didn't have, but could see myself needing!  And they were marked down to under $250! I didn't even think about it.

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