Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Working Wednesday

It turns out that the dress code is definitely conservative.

Top:  Design History
Slacks: Editor Pants by Express
Cardigan: Gap (gifted from Mr. Fantastic)
Shoes: Nicole Miller
Handbag: Kate Spade & Maira Kalman (old)
Hex Bracelet: DIY via Honestly…WTF? (I need more)
Pink Bracelet: Purchased aboard Carnival Conquest (Back in 2004)
Necklace: Express
Earrings: Thrifted

I did well wearing slacks and a button down on Monday, but I don't want to have to wear dry-clean only clothes all week!  It's time to try to incorporate some knits as well as start introducing my growing shoe collection.

I started with a structured pair of slacks from Express.  The editor pant at Express is one of my favorite slacks because the price point is perfect for everyday work wear and if you catch any of the patterned pairs on sale, it turns into a great deal.  I bought this pin-striped pair a couple of years ago on sale for $19.99 and it is one of my go-to pants when I don't want to think too hard. So far, I've had no problems working this into my work rotation and I don't spend a fortune on dry-cleaning either.

Then I added a ruffled knit top by Design History. I loved this top so much I also bought it in blue, but today I wore the purple one and paired it with dark pink/purple Nicole Miller peep toes and a black cardigan from the Gap that was also a gift from Mr. Fantastic (I finally chose a name for my amazing husband! He is also kinda nerdy like the Mr. Fantastic from the movies and I debated strongly between Mr. Spock and Mr. Fantastic.) several weeks ago.  I love it because he picked it all on his own and ordered it, but now that the weather is turning cool, it is one of my favorite pieces!

Finally, I decided to bring out the pink hue of the top with a black/pink tote and pink/silver jewelry.  The hex bracelet is one of my most favorite pieces and I wear it everywhere.  It was a DIY project that I found here on Honestly...WTF? I love DIY and this bracelet is special because I had my sister and niece visiting this summer and I ended up making each of them one as well! So we all have these crazy hex nut bracelets that always get a ton of compliments!

I need to think of a different way to get the daily photos done...6AM is tough and it looks like they were shot in the dark!

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