Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Brunch

I wore this to brunch and a "Meet the baby" gathering last weekend and I have to admit that I was gobsmacked by how many compliments I got.  Mr. Fantastic is kind of a nerd and most of his friends are as well, so I was pretty surprised that most went out their way to compliment the shoes or the clutch or me in general.  This is definitely going into heavy rotation now.

I am Wearing:
Top: Old Navy
Camisole: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Joe’s Jeans Petite Provacateur via HauteLook
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Clutch: Proenza Schouler
Necklace: Icing
Earrings: White House | Black Market
Bracelets: Marc Jacobs, New York & Co., DIY via Honestly…WTF?

This is my first attempt at stacking more than two bracelets at a time.  The top bracelet by Marc Jacobs is a gift from Mr. Fantastic. I mentioned a while back that I thought these bracelets in Latin were cute and he surprised me by buying me the one that reads "Nemo Nisi Mors" which means "No one but Death shall part us." Fitting isn't it?  The red bracelets I bought years ago at New York & Company.

The black necklace I bought three years ago at Icing in preparation for a charity event Mr. Fantastic and I were attending.  It turned out to be the night he proposed to me and I love wearing it because it brings me happy memories. The earrings were purchased at White House | Black Market during one of their recent red campaigns.  I love it when they add a dash of color! One of my favorites was the hot pink a couple of years ago and of course, RED!

The shoes are a very old Giuseppe Zanotti design (circa 2005 or 2006)...I didn't buy them until they were pretty much on closeout several seasons later. The big buckles definitely attracted a great deal of attention! I wore these because I knew that I was going to be super comfy while carrying a baby! Which I managed to do for quite a while, go me!

Now if I can think of how to recreate this look with other pieces so it doesn't look exactly the same everytime! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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