Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, Rainy, Sunday

Trench: Vertigo
Scarf: Target
Top: Rhapsody
Jeans: Old Navy
Wellies: Hunter (gifted from Mr. Fantastic)
Umbrella: "Eco"brella by Totes
Earrings: Old Navy

It finally rained a quantifiable amount in Texas! This is only very exciting because our city recently applied severe watering restrictions due to the drought and we needed the rain very desperately.  Plus, I use any excuse to wear my wellies everywhere I go.

These pics were snapped in my backyard before heading out to breakfast with a college pal and I ended up leaving both the coat and the umbrella in the car since I parked in the garage! Grey and red is one of my favorite combinations because it's not as common as red and black, but I have to admit that I really have a thing for red no matter what other color I pair it with. As far as jeans go, I prefer grey jeans to faded jeans a million times over, but I can't explain why.

These rain boots were a Valentine's Day gift from Mr. Fantastic last year.  I mentioned that I really wanted a pair of red rain boots and he replied that it never rains in Texas...I pouted in response and a few weeks later these babies were mine!  He really is so good to me.
The umbrella is a weird color combo with the grey and the khaki, but in this case it worked. By the way, I bought this umbrella a few months ago at Target for $7.99 and this afternoon, when I was there grocery shopping with the kids, umbrellas are $16.99! Talk about gouging! That is crazy.

Hope you all stay dry! 

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