Friday, September 14, 2012

One Year: A Look Back

This blog is one year old today! I can't believe an entire year has gone by.  Looking back, I feel like I've come a long way.  Looking to the future, I feel like I still have such a long way to go!  I wanted to get a little personal with you today, and I am including some highlights of my favorite outfits (including the one in my lead image found here), just click on the captions of each image.  There is more after each set of images.
Summer Blues
Lucky Red
What I don't like about blogging:
Maintaining a regular posting schedule.  Summer in Texas is HOT! It makes me a sweaty, splotchy mess within 5 minutes of stepping outside.  Outfit photos in summer are a terrible idea.  I saw a huge drop in posts over the summer, because there are simply no cute photos.
Spending more for things I don't even want. I noticed a strange phenomenon after a few months of starting my blog.  I want all the things other bloggers have, whether it makes sense for me to have that item or not. I knew I had a problem when I rushed out to buy a YSL Arty ring and then it sat in my jewelry case for months because first, it was just too trendy and second, it didn't fit my lifestyle. I never actually wore it, and I ended up selling it for a loss. I should've never bought it. This is just one example of my not so smart shopping outings.
Telling people I have a personal style blog.  I don't know if this is just me, but I am so self-conscious about it.  It seems very self-centered and a bit vapid to admit that I take pictures of myself everyday.  It does make it easier to take my outfit photos when people know about my blog, but I still feel awkward and shallow when I explain it to others.  Is this just me?
Sometimes, I'm a Mom
New Orleans
What I love about blogging:
I've had some amazing opportunities.  This past year, I attended IFB in New York and LuckyFABB West in California and got to meet so many other women who actually "get" the blogging bubble.  Everyone is cool if you stop in the middle of the street to get an outfit photo.
The amazing brands I've been able to partner with.  I would NEVER have dreamed that brands like Kendra ScottPaige Premium Denim and BCBGMaxAzria would want to partner with me to promote their brands.  It has been so humbling to work with all brands that have allowed me so much creativity in terms of letting me choose what fits with my personal style and most importantly my lifestyle.  I still have the pinch me moments when I open packages from the brands I love and that push me to expand my style limits.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
Finding a way to define my personal style.  When I look back at my initial posts, I can really see how I've grown over the past year.  I've really learned to plan what I will wear and also I've learned to shop for the closet I have and not just because something is cute or on sale.  I try to abide by Nina Garcia's rule of never buying anything that doesn't go with three things that are already in your closet.
Boutique Opening
Royal Roasting
Vintage Ivory and Black
The best thing about blogging:
Everyone I've met as a result of this blog.  I have made some amazing "internet friends" and gotten the opportunity to meet a few of them in person!  
I want to give a huge acknowledgement to Kimmie over at Blue Paper Lanterns because she is the reason I was inspired to start this blog.  Kimmie has a $600 YEARLY clothes budget and still manages to dress work appropriately and creatively on her budget.  Hers is one of the blogs that feels really "real" to me.
I still get excited when people whose blogs I follow, follow me back or comment on my blog. I don't forget the first time I met Kelly from Alterations Needed and had to admit that I lurked on her blog and forum for months and that was how I knew her (i.e. I'm a stalker) and the first time I saw a comment on my blog from Jen over at Red Soles Red Wine because I'd been a reader of both her blog and her sister's.  The blogging community is so supportive and I am so grateful for all the support other readers like June, Sabrina, Katha, Bessie, Alison, and so many others that I can't possibly mention in one blog post.  Thank you for your encouragement, responses, suggestions, and inspiration!
The highlight has been meeting people I would never have dreamed of getting to know like Macala Wright of Fashionably Marketing.Me and Aliza Licht of DKNY and getting to shop with Marlien Rentmeester.
Casual Glam
Mix N Match Goodness
Holiday Luncheon
Lastly, I want to share with you the moments that made me squeal in delight and disbelief over the last year: 
1) The day that Jean Paul Gaultier retweeted my blog post about his exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art.  I nearly passed out. I told my husband and he didn't get it.
2) The first post that Kendra Scott commented on. I took a screen shot of the comment in case it was somehow lost later.  I still can't believe how amazing she and her team at the West Village Store are to me all the time!
3) The moment that my phone pinged me because Caroline Waxler was now following me on Twitter. Seriously? That happened.
4) Getting invited to runway shows for the Spring 2013 season.  I wasn't able to attend Fashion Week in New York this month, but being asked to attend was soooo surreal and just amazing!
Grey Days 
Birthday Gold
If you click on the images, they will take you to the original post with outfit details, I couldn't narrow down my favorite images, so you get more than I expected!  Thank you, thank you for reading and following and commenting.  You honor me with your readership and I am so grateful for all the blessings of the past year.  I hope to bring you a better blog next year!
Sunday, Rainy, Sunday
Farmer's Market
Formal Morning Wedding
What do you want to see in the coming year?


  1. Ah happy bday to your blog. Best wishes and good luck for many more happy blogging years. Cheers!!

  2. hi and it was fantastic to meet you via blogtrends last night! happy belated birthday to your blog and yes, i totally get the thing about being a little skittish about telling your friends about your blogging. oh well, some will get it and some won't! keep right on blogging and talking to them about it; maybe, just maybe they'll go out and take a look at it one day and suddenly become "enlightened"! LOL now following via bloglovin' and i hope you gt a chance to check me out soon! blessings and blog on sister..

  3. Thank you! I appreciate the love!


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