Thursday, September 20, 2012

SALE ALERT: Banana Republic

Banana Republic has a ton of items marked down in stores and if you hurry in today (what is left of today) you get an additional 30% off all marked down merchandise.  I bought this Lela dress in Navy today at the Northpark store.  In stores, this dress as well as the soft ivory and the yellow colors, are all marked down to $15.97! With the additional 30% off, each dress is $11.  I couldn't find one in my size, so I bought this navy one for my sister in law.  We are co-hosting an engagement party with the rest of Mr. Fantastic's family later this fall and this dress will be perfect for her.  I've never asked her permission to post her name or face on the internet, but trust me, she's gorgeous!

I also bought this textured strapless dress in Navy/Black.  It was also marked down to $25.97 and then further reduced by 30%.  I am not going to wear it to the engagement party as it would be too similar to my sister in law's dress, but I know that a classic navy sheath will be a great addition to my closet.  And for $18, it wasn't worth passing up.

The links in this post are directly to the Banana Republic website and they link to much higher cost garments.  I definitely encourage you to visit your store as everything is marked much lower there!

I know this post is late in the day, but has anyone else scored anything major recently?

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