Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birthday Gold and New Year's Eve

Mr. Fantastic and I got home late last night from a wonderful week in New Orleans and we were exhausted!  So today's post is what I wore on my birthday to visit the Dallas Museum of Art with my sister to view the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit.  I will have outfit posts from our trip to New Orleans in the coming weeks!
Top: Ann Taylor (gift from Mr. Fantastic)
Sweater: Gap (gift from Mr. Fantastic)
Scarf: no label (bought at a local consignment shop)
Skirt: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Kate Spade (old via Marshall’s)
Cuff: no label (bought at a local resale shop)
Earrings: no label (bought at same resale shop)
Purse: Tory Burch
My sister said that this outft could also be worn for a casual New Year's Eve party at home with friends and since we are spending New Year's Eve at friend's homes tonight, I just might recycle this look and wear this out tonight.  Before we hit the museum, my sister and I stopped at a few resale/consignment shops in Dallas and I found this cuff and earrings in one of them.
This is the same outfit that I mentioned earlier this week about being irreverent of the weather while my sister was warm and bundled up.  The security team at the DMA was annoying me by walking in and out of the frame over and over again! I DON'T recommend taking outfit photos in their garden as they desperately want to be on camera and will ruin all your shots. :(  For the record, I did wear a coat, but I didn't like it with this outfit.
I am going to do a post on my birthday (and Christmas!) presents because I was very fortunate this year and all my gifts deserve their own entry!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year wherever you are tonight.  Don't forget to start the 2012 properly: wear red (to bring you love and prosperity) and don't loan or borrow anything on New Year's day or you will be loaning and borrowing all year long!

HAPPY 2012!

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  1. Hi found you on IFB. That outfit is great. I love the texture on the skirt. Happy New Year!! :) How was the trip?

    Sing Simple


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