Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Visit: My Bestie

This is my sister.  She's awesome and gorgeous and I so very much wish I could one day grow up to be just like her.  I love spending time with her and it is always such a treat that she ever wants to spend any time with me.

What She’s Wearing:
Camisole: Perfect Fit
Vest: White House | Black Market
Jeans: Decree
Boots: Diba Girl
Bracelets: DIY
Rings: Gifted and Thrifted

She's my sister, honest advisor, favorite stylist and my best friend. We are gearing up to unleash her upon the world in the coming months.  Watch out world: She knows all your corners are her private playground and she's coming for you! I can only pray that the world will love her as much as I do...
This guy cracked me up.  As we walked to the park and got to the intersection, he jumped in the middle of the street and screamed: "Stop all traffic! Please let these beautiful women pass!"  Maybe, I shouldn't be too worried about the world's care for my baby sister.

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a terrific week!

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