Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Early Morning Shoe Shopping

Today is Mr. Fantastic's birthday.  I would love to say that I woke up early to surprise him with a wonderful gift, but alas...I spent the morning shopping...for me.  I know.

I really believe that I can't help myself.  Except, I obviously can because I just spend time making lists of all the things I want, but I rarely go out and shop and shop.  I've been blogging almost 4 months and I've had one shopping haul post, just one!

So I spent my morning "window-shopping" online.  Earlier this week, I'd tweeted about these cute BCBGeneration pumps, but I keep going back to them.  I really think that they would be a great addition to my shoe collection and I am going to tell you why.  Suede is ridiculously hard to maintain.  It attracts all kinds of dirt and hangs on to grime.  I have a cheap cleaning kit (this one) for my uggs and the few pairs of suede shoes I have.  After ruining several pairs, I learned to buy nappa and patent leather almost exclusively.  These by BCBGeneration above are very well priced at $89.99 so that even if they are ruined after a season full of constant wear, I won't lament all the money spent on them too much.  Plus, they are really on trend with the platform and thick stacked heel.  I might have to pull the trigger on these now.

How about these Ivanka Trump pumps?  Lately, I am finding that everytime I see a cute pair of shoes and I click on the link, they are by Ivanka Trump!  Surprised? Yes, I really am.  I like these dual tone pumps and I definitely could see myself wearing these to work.  I love the cutout details, too!

And finally, these sweet yet tough sandals by Seychelles.  I added these in just because I am already dreaming of what I will pair them with when Mr. Fantastic takes me on that beach vacation I resolved we should take this year.  Ssshhh! He has to think it's his idea!  Aren't these sandals adorable?

I guess I'll run along now and see what I can whip up for breakfast.  It is HIS birthday, afterall! Happy Thursday!
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  1. I even didn't know that I. Trump makes shoes... We don't have this brand here. I like the 1st one. I've made a post about my fave pairs of shoes of the moment. Tell me which one do you prefer.


  2. This post literally made me laugh aloud. "Today is Mr. Fantastic's birthday. I would love to say that I woke up early to surprise him with a wonderful gift, but alas...I spent the morning shopping...for me. I know." This is so something I would do. But I say shoe shopping is a worthwhile pursuit:) Anyways, I just discovered your blog (via comment). I love it! I need a little laughter everyday. Anyways, just started following you. Come by, say hi and follow back if you feel like it. XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  3. Happy Birthday to Mr. Fantastic indeed! I never buy suede anything for that fact of the matter, it is the most high maintenance material out on the market. I think I may be getting those 2 tone i.trump pumps! They're gorgeous!

  4. Oh, I just bought a pair of shoes (as you know!)! I NEED those two-toned Ivanka heels in my life! x

  5. I LOVE shoe shopping! I especially love the details of the last pair...-Jessica


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