Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is it St. Patrick's Day, yet?

I felt a little green this week. I know it's not St. Patrick's Day, but a girl can dream.  Plus, St. Patrick's Day is only 6 weeks away, so I need to start preparing now.

Top: Sienna Rose
Jacket: Wilson’s Leather
Scarf: really old
Skirt: French Connection via Ideeli (Referral Link)
Tights: Hue
Boots: MIA via Ideeli
Necklace: Monet
Earrings: Blue Nile

My sister laughs because I always say that it's my favorite holiday, but hear me out.  You get to spend the whole day drinking green beer and pretending you're Irish. AND, it's not a family holiday so no one is offended if you spend the day with your friends. Finally, it's not a gift giving holiday so you get to skip the anxiety of buying and exchanging presents!  How can you not just LOVE St. Patrick's Day?
In any case, I recently bought some colored tights, but I don't really know if I am supposed to color coordinate them or contrast them.  Does anyone have any ideas? Do you wear colored tights with similar colors or not?
It has been a beautiful week here and I wore this to run errands yesterday morning before I headed to the museum last night for the Late Nights at Dallas Museum of Art.  I know I am ridiculous, that was my FOURTH visit to the exhibit! I have two more as my beautiful sister is flying up here next week to attend the Fashion Workshop with Project Runway contestant, Shirin Askari.  Then, Mr. Fantastic agreed to attend the Gaultier After Dark event on February 3 with me.  I convinced him by telling him that I'd left him alone for my FIVE other visits and I really wanted this to be one of our date nights.
Gaultier photo by Mike Stone for the Dallas Museum of Art via Facebook


  1. You look so cute in this outfit and I love your skirt!
    xoxo Sabrina

  2. You and me...both wonder what to do with coloured tights. I'm still trying to figure the out as well. I like your reasoning behind st. patty's day! It now may just be my fav too :)

  3. Thanks, Sabrina! I like it, too, but it's alot harder to style than I thought it would be!

    Bessie, I'm glad that I am not the only one! Gosh, I wish St. Patty's Day came along more than just once a year!

  4. Ana, you look fantastic in those tights and you definitely would have turned my head to take a second look at you, had I seen you. Most of us men adore women in tights - color coordinated or not (although coordinated colors are always better). As far as the "fashion police" goes, "they" appear clueless as to what makes a woman attractive. Bare-legged women are very unattractive to me, call them supermodels or not. Anyway, please continue to wear hosiery, it makes you look great!


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