Sunday, January 8, 2012

After Holiday Shopping Haul

My favorite time of the year to shop is right after the Christmas and New Year's Holidays.  All retailers have massive sales and the Christmas frenzy is usually over.  This past week, I hit up a couple of my favorites as well as some resale/consignment shops I stalk.
My first stop was Buffalo Exchange.  I will admit that it is very hit or miss for me.  As a resale shop, you can't ask for different sizing or see if another store has something you want.  I don't usually find what I am looking for and I don't frequent it as much as some of the bigger consignment stores.  But I really scored this week.  I'd previously gone to the mall and found this top at Ann Taylor.  It was a tad pricey at $128, but is now marked down to $54.88 which I know is a great price, but I still couldn't commit.  Enter Buffalo Exchange where I found it with tags still attached for a whopping $14!  I also picked up this pair of brand new Banana Republic Martin trousers for an additional $14.  They still cost $98 at the store and online.  GO ME!
Still on a high from my jaunt to Buffalo Exchange, I moved over to Nordstrom Rack, where I picked up these two necklaces.  One of our friends is getting married in a few months and they are having a beautiful morning wedding.  I already know the dress I want to wear, I just can't find it anywhere! But this green Lauren Ralph Lauren necklace will be perfect once I find the dress I see in my head.  I think the red CHAPS necklace will fill a void I have in my jewelry wardrobe as I tend to have only heart shaped red jewelry.  I think each necklace was under $30.
I made my final stop at Victoria's Secret because I knew that they were having their semi-annual sale and I've been wanting a comfy pair of PJ's for a while.  I found this set and was thrilled that they had it in my size because it was the simplest one I'd seen and the one I wanted! You can see others on sale here! Since it was marked down to $24.99, I browsed around and found some panties and a couple of bras.  I must be honest and say that while I love, love, LOVE their U-shaped bra and think it is a miracle worker, most others I find are a bit above my price point.  I can usually find beautiful bras by Hanky Panky or Cosabella on sale at the high end department stores or during flash sales at Ideeli (referral link) for the same price as the regular VS bras.  But since these were both marked under $25, it was a good deal. Having spent more than I anticipated, I quickly rushed home before Mr. Fantastic caught me at the mall again!

You will see the Ann Taylor top shortly as I wore it to wine night with friends at the end of the week.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Amazing finds - the Ann Taylor top is gorgeous, can't wait to see it on you :)

  2. SO jealous of your VS stuff! I live in the UK so I can't shop there :( Your blog is lovely though :)


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