Thursday, January 19, 2012

Party Dressing: Friend's Engagement Party

Our friends had their engagement party at a beautiful historic home in Dallas this past weekend.   Since Mr. Fantastic was out of town, it was just me and our baby who went.
Top: Kanika Cruz for Nikka (via Victoria’s Secret/old)
Skirt: Bebe (old)
Tights: Spanx
Coat: Vertigo Paris
Shoes: Christian Dior Extreme
Clutch: Jimmy Choo
Earrings: Old
Bracelets: Old, Cruise Ship Purchase, Nordstrom Rack
I read the invitation when it arrived a few weeks ago and put the party on our calendar.  However, I misread the invitation and didn't realize the party was from 2-6PM.  I thought the party started at 6! We met a friend for brunch, went to the movies, hung out at the park and made our way home around 3:30 to prepare for the party.  Luckily, I pulled out the invite to get the address and figure out how long it was going to take me to get there.  I was horrified to discover the party was halfway over and we got ready in a big, big hurry!
It was cool, but I took off my coat for two photos so you could see the detailing on the blouse.  I laughed when I was editing these because I am wearing a coat in the photos indoors and took it off outside for the detail shots!  This style blogging business is hard!
Happy Thursday and I've announced a winner of my Christian Dior/YSL contest here!


  1. That top looks amazing on you! I'm a fan of clutches so KUDOS on the silver choice!! Would love to have seen your hair let down with some loose curls. Think it's a nice touch that draws attention to our beautiful bare skin :). Hope that does not sound weird..

  2. I love your shoes!!his outfit looks really good.
    xoxo Sabrina

  3. Thank you, Ladies! I actually wore my hair up because I was getting kind of tired of it being down all the time. But, it probably would have been a good idea.


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