Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Texas Tornadoes

No outfit post for today.  We had a scary day in Dallas as there were at least three confirmed tornadoes that touched down in our area and two others reported.  This image below is of some 18-wheeler boxes that were tossed around in the South Dallas area.
It was scary to say the least.  The sirens were going off in our neighborhood and I quickly ran to the closet under the stairs of our home.  Unfortunately, I had to get in my car to go pick up our little one at school.  
I am the green dot as we were in the carpool line 30 minutes after scheduled school release.
By the time I arrived at the school and got into the carpool line, the school was under a district wide lockdown and we waited over two hours before they began releasing our kids.
The lines to pick up our kids TWO hours after scheduled release.
Facebook and Twitter were frenzied with updates of people letting loved ones know they were okay and out of harm's way.  This was a photo that was posted on Twitter of the tornado that touched down near someone's backyard.
After several hours of waiting at both the elementary and the high school, I got home safe and sound with both of the boys and my husband walked in shortly afterwards as he ducked into his car early and came home.  We joined efforts to make dinner. I made cheesy potatoes following this recipe from Pinterest and he grilled some chicken as the evening moved on as if nothing had happened.  I ended my day with a couple of homemade cosmos.
I know you all might not have tornadoes, but some of you have hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, among other natural disasters. 

How do you prepare or deal with the natural disasters in your area?


  1. So glad that all of you are ok!

  2. WOW what crazy weather!! My dad was in Dallas and was locked in a closet under our stairs with my dog and my little brother's entire rock band :) Glad everyone is ok!

    1. It was crazy. I'm so glad your family is okay as well! It must have been scary watching it on the news.


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