Monday, April 9, 2012

Kassandra at the Pool

After our long road trip home, we spent all of Saturday by the hotel pool.  My sister thought we were going to run errands, but we ambushed her and took her swimming instead.  I forgot to pack my swimsuit and she didn't bring one either so we did end up shopping for bathing suits. Luckily, Mr. Fantastic offered to buy them for us since I was one day away from the end of Lent!
Cover Up: Stella Cruz
Flip Flops: Old Navy (borrowed from me)
Necklace: BaubleBar (Birthday gift from our family)
Bracelets: DIY and Thrifted; Ring: Thrifted
We hit up the local Marshall's and laughed when we both ended up with black skirted swimsuits! Hers was super cute and most importantly fit all her assets well.  It reminded me of the swimwear in the 40s and 50s.

Swimsuit: A.B.S.
I love spending time with my sister, and I am so thrilled because I know that I am seeing her again in less than 6 weeks!

What are your swimwear staples?


  1. Thank you, Jen! She knows when to go the trendy route and when to stick to the classics!


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